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Chapter 6: Dark Base

West Province (Area One)

With two gyms and two Titans conquered, it's time for us to turn our attention to the third storyline of the game: Starfall Street. This is the objective that has us taking on members of Team Star. The first one we'll want to tackle is the Dark Crew Base, which is just east of the Open Sky Titan location. Make sure to set it as a destination on your map. Go ahead and fly to the Pokemon Center at West Province (Area One) - Central. The base is filled with Dark-type Pokemon, so make sure to train up your Fighintg, Bug, or Fairy-types along the way.

Heal up at this Pokemon Center if you need to, then begin following the dirt path in the northeast direction. You should soon pass over a bridge. You'll see a sign along the path pointing in the direction of Cascarrafa, which is the direction we want to head. If you take the little offshoot path near the windmills, you can climb up on one of them and pick up TM113- Tailwind. Now continue alont the northeast path, battling any trainers you'd like along the way. If you defeat nine in West Province (Area One) you'll get a Clear Amulet from the Pokemon League rep at the next Pokemon Center along the route.

Keep heading up this route and you'll soon get a call from Cassiopeia. They'll let you know that you're getting pretty close to a Team Star base. Your call will then be interuppted by a mysterious new man named Clive. He wants to help you with taking on Team Star. Cassiopeia will continue to explain how taking on a Team Base will work. Afterward, keep heading forward on this path to the base.

Team Star Dark Base

Shortly before reaching the base, you'll be stopped by a few Team Star Grunts. You'll need to battle one of them straightaway. They will have a Lv. 19 Murkrow. You'll then get a call from Cassiopeia explaining what you'll need to do next. When you enter the base, you'll only be able to use the first three Pokemon in your party. Get these sorted out and feel free to heal up if you need to, then ring the bell on the gate.

When you get in, Clive will explain the Star Barrage battles. You'll have to send all three of your Pokemon to partake in auto-battles at once. You'll have 10 minutes to defeat 30 Dark-type Pokemon in this format. If you run low on health, you can head back to Clive or any of the vending machines to heal up. If you've brought a solid team, you should be able to take them out in far under the alotted time. Just run around and toss a single Pokemon at a group of three Team Star Pokemon, trying to match up the typing so that you always have an advantage.

After taking all these Pokemon out, the boss of the Dark Crew and Segin Squad will be called down: Giacomo. He'll ride out on a very pimped out ride and challenge you to a battle. You'll have your full team back for this battle. He uses a Lv. 21 Pawniard, and a Lv. 20 Segin Starmobile. That's right, the vehicle Giacomo rode in on is actually a Pokemon. The name of the species is Revavroom, although clearly this particular one has been decked out to Giacomo's taste. Despite being Lv. 20, the Segin Starmobile has much higher HP than it typically would. It's pretty powerful, but you should be able to defeat it with your whole team at your disposal.

After defeating Giacomo, a cutscene will play that flashes back to earlier in Team Star's history. All five of Team Star's squad leaders are gathered to decide on the Team Star code. Afterward, you'll be awarded with the Dark Star Badge and TM062 - Foul Play. After another cutscene, you'll exit the base and receive another call from Cassiopeia. They will send Penny over to you to give you lots of Pokemon materials for crafting TMs.

In the next chapter, we'll be heading for the other side of the map to take out another Team Star Base.

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