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Get a Magearna in Sun and Moon with this QR Code

Magearna Event 2016

The new mythical Pokemon Magearna is now available as a free distribution to anyone who has completed either Pokemon Sun or Moon version. The Pokemon will be level 50 and will be holding a Battle Cap. It will know the moves Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, Helping Hand, and Fleur Cannon. After becoming the Pokemon League Champion, simply scan the QR code to get the Magearna. This is a permanent distribution. Check out the detailed instructions and QR code below.

  1. Complete the main story
  2. Choose the QR Scanner function
  3. Line up the QR code for Magearna while pressing the R Button
  4. Visit the deliveryman at the Antiquities of the Ages shop in Hau'oli City to get Magearna
  5. Be sure to save your game!

North America

Magearna QR Code


Magearna QR Code Europe


Magearna QR Code Japan

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