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Polteageist, Cramorant, and CurryDex Shown off in the Latest Nintendo Direct

Pokemon Sword Shield Polteageist

This week's Nintendo Direct brought with it a slew of new Pokemon Sword and Shield information. While we didn't get to see the starter evolutions that many were expecting, Nintendo did showcase a few new Pokemon alongside some other new game mechanics.

Pokemon Sword Shield Cramorant

The first new Pokemon is called Polteageist and is a Ghost-type. It's designed after a teapot and is apparently actually drinkable, which is a first in the Pokemon universe. A drinkable Pokemon. It also has the unique ability Weak Armor. The second new Pokemon is called Cramorant and is a Flying/Water type. It's a Pelican species and has an exclusive new ability: Gulp Missile. This ability allows Cramorant to counter if attacked while using the moves Surf or Dive.

The previously revealed Fairy type Alcremie was also shown in a few different forms. There are now over 25 forms that have been shown, with the two named "flavors" Vanilla and Matcha being showcased in the direct.

Pokemon Sword Shield Pokemon Camp

A new game mechanic is called Pokemon Camp. You'll be able to pitch a tent anywhere in the Galar region and have the opportunity to play with your Pokemon. It appears to be similar to various modes in previous games that let you pet, groom, and feed your Pokemon to grow a bond and level them up. If you make camp in the wild area, you can visit other player's camps as well.

Pokemon Sword Shield Curry Rice

A cooking mechanic was also showcased featuring a particular dish: Curry Rice. It seems that this is the preferred meal in the Galar region and there are over 100 different varities that can be cooked. The game is fully equipped with a CurryDex. This can be cooked while camping and requires ingredients like berries and sausages.

Pokemon Sword Shield Trainer Customization

The new way to customize your trainer was also featured. This system seems more robust than ever, with options to change tops, bottoms, gloves, shoes, outerwear, and the physical look of your trainer like makeup and hair. It appears this customization takes place in special shops and parlors.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming to Switch worldwide on November 15. You can check out all the new footage from the Nintendo Direct below. Stay tuned for the latest news and of course full guide coverage on release.

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