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Get a Level 100 Genesect via GameStop Until November 24

Genesect Event 2016

Note: this article previously stated that Gensect was to be distributed through Nintendo Network, which is not correct. This is a GameStop distribution.

This month's free Legendary Pokemon couresty of Pokemon's 20th Anniversary is Generation 5's Genesect. Genesect will be level 100 and is distributed via code through Gamestop in the United States. Genesect has the ability Download and the moveset Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, Solar Beam, and Signal Beam. This Level 100 Genesect is hard to come by and is only available until the 24th of November, so make sure to get yours before then.

You can get a code for Genesect from any Gamestop retailer in the United States. Codes are available at other retailers in other regions including GAME in the United Kingdom and EBGames in Canada and Australia. Once you have a code, it can be redeemed via the Mystery Gift option in either Pokemon ORAS versions or Pokemon X & Y versions.

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