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Three New Pokemon and More Details Revealed at E3 for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Solgaleo Lunala Phase Change

During Nintendo's Treehouse Live Presentation earlier this morning, our first look at gameplay footage from Pokemon Sun and Moon was shown. Included was evidence of an improved battle interface, three new Pokémon, more details on the region and characters, and a new four player battle mode called Battle Royal. After the presentation, the above image and a paragraph briefing two new forms of Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala was released on the Pokemon website. These new forms apparently play a large role in the story. Solgaleo will get the Radiant Sun phase while Lunala will get the Full Moon phase.

Sun Moon Pikipek

Sun Moon Yungoos

Sun Moon Grubbin

The three new Pokemon are Pikipek, Yungoos, and Grubbin. Pikipek is the "Woodpecker Pokemon", a Normal/Flying type that has the abilities Keen Eye or Skill Link. Yungoos the "Loitering Pokemon" is a Normal type with the abilities Stakeout or Strong Jaw. Grubbin is a Bug type "Larva Pokemon" equipped with the ability Swarm. All three of these new Pokemon can be encountered on the first Route in the Alola region.

Sun Moon Battle Royal Screenshot

Sun Moon Battle Royal Screenshot

A new battle mode, Battle Royal was also showcased. It features four-player matches that allow players to bring up to three Pokemon to a free-for-all battle. Players can choose to attack any of the three opponents and can receive attacks from any opponents. The winner of the Battle Royal is determiend by the number of KOs dealt by each trainer. It appears that trainers wer also wearing special clothing for these battles, but no further details were given on this observation.

Changes to the battle UI are made in Sun and Moon that include a full display of all the stat changes that have occured to any Pokemon during the battle. Text will also appear next to a move notifying a trainer of how effective a move will be. Trainers will be visible during the 3D battle sequences and a more accurate and realistic porportion is given to both trainers and Pokemon. Stay tuned for more details that are sure to come throughout E3 and before the games release on November 18.

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