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Pokemon Bank Adds Support for Sun and Moon Versions

Pokemon Bank

The long awaited support for Pokemon Sun & Moon versions on Pokemon Bank is finally here. Starting today, you'll be able to transfer Pokémon from Pokemon Bank directly into Pokemon Sun and Moon. This means that any Pokemon caught since Ruby and Sapphire are now able to be transferred to seventh generation games, albeit a complicated process. You can even transfer from generation one games, but only the digital versions on the eShop. In addition, a special Z-Crystal Mewnium Z is available for a limited time to Pokemon Bank subscribers.


Pokemon Bank Sun Moon

Keep in mind that once Pokemon are transferred to Sun & Moon, you won't be able to transfer them back to previous generation games. You can store them in the Bank any time you like, but once they exist in the most recent generation, they can't go back. It should also be noted that Pokémon Bank is a subscription service that will run you $5 per year. For this price (about 42 cents per month) you'll be able to store up to 3000 Pokemon in the cloud via Pokemon Bank. Rather oddly, it appears that there still isn't current for a National Pokedex in Sun and Moon, so we'll have to wait and see if a further update brings that support.

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