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#290 Nincada


Type: BugGround
Species: Trainee Pokémon
Height: 1′8″ (0.51m)
Weight: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)
Native to: Hoenn (#042)
Abilities: Compound Eyes; Run Away (Hidden Ability)

Nincada is the two-hundred-and-nintieth Pokemon on the National Pokedex and was introduced in Generation 3 (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald). Nincada is a Bug/Ground type Pokemon. It is a Basic Pokemon that evolves into Ninjask at level 20. If the user has an open party slot and an extra Poké Ball in their bag (not needed in Generation 3), Shedinja will also appear in the user's party after evolution.


Evolution Chain:

Nincada Lv. 01
Ninjask Lv. 20
Shedinja Lv. 20 (Party Slot)

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