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Chapter 10: Delta Episode

Littleroot Town

After beating the story mode - continue your game. A dialog will happen and Delta Episode will begin afterwards. You start in back in Littleroot Town. Head down stairs for a short dialog in which you will be given the Pair of Tickets. Head outside for another brief dialog with Zinnia. Enter the house next door for a dialog with Brendan/May. Now exit the house and fly to Petalburg City.

Go to the northwest towards Wally’s house for another short dialog. A battle will ensue with Aqua Admin Matt. After the battle - a brief dialog will happen once more with Wally. You will get a call on your PokeNav Plus from Steven. Fly to Rustboro City and head to the Devon Corporation. A dialog with Steven will happen. Say, "I guess so…" when asked by his father.

Devon Corporation

After the dialog - exit Devon Corporation and fly to Dewford Town. Head northwest and enter the Granite Cave. Make your way to the northern room in the cave for a dialog and battle with Zinnia. Say, "Yes" to the battle to initiate it. She has a lvl 55 Tyrantrum, a lvl 55 Altaria, and a lvl 57 Salamence. Ice moves work well against all of these Pokemon. You get the Meteorite Shard after the battle.

After another call from Steven - head to Mossdeep City and go to the Mossdeep Space Center. Head northeast and talk with the guard blocking the stairs. A dialog will happen with Steven and others. Tell Zinnia, "You bet I do!" After the dialog - exit and fly to Rustboro City. Head north to Route 115 and continue going north. Head west and back north. Use Surf and go north.

Meteor Falls

Continuing going north and around the path until you reach the cave, which is Meteor Falls. Go north until you reach the large waterfall. Use Waterfall to climb it and go north through the door. Continue going north and down the ladder to the east. Go northwest and up the northern ladder. Go east and up the stairs. Up here will be a dialog with Steven.

Afterwards - exit the cave and head back to Rustboro City. Now head to the Devon Corporation for a short dialog and a battle with Team Aqua Grunt. The same repeats for a second time with another battle with Team Aqua Grunt. This will repeat once more. After winning and a short dialog - head to the Mossdeep Space Center in Mossdeep City.

Mossdeep Space Center

A dialog with Team Aqua will happen and you need to follow them. Head towards the second floor and be prepared for a battle with Team Aqua Grunts. Head to the second floor after the battle. Continue towards the center of the room for a dialog with Steven and a battle with Team Aqua Grunt and Aqua Admin Matt. After the battle - a dialog happens with Zinnia appearing.

Team Aqua/Magma Hideout

Tell her, "I do" and exit the Mossdeep Space Center. Fly to Lilycove City and head to the east coast. Surf into the northern cave, which is the Team Aqua Hideout. Continue north and up the stairs. Go through the door and take the northeastern portal. Head west and go down the stairs. Continue west and go through the portal. Head back east and go north up the hallway to the next portal.

Continue south through the next portal. Go through the southwest (left) portal. Go through the center portal and the left one next. Continue through the left (most western) portal and go north for a dialog with Zinnia. You will get the Sharpedonite and a phone call from Steven. Exit the Team Aqua Hideout and fly to Mossdeep City. Head to the Mossdeep Space Center and go to the second floor.

Battle with Wallace

Travel west for a dialog with Steven and answer, "Yes." After the dialog - exit the building and fly to Sootopolis City. Head to the western part of the city and go north. Travel around back south and go across the bridge to a new zone for a dialog with Wallace. Now exit Sootopolis City and travel northeast to Route 127. Now travel south to Route 128 and continue to Route 129. Now go west to Route 130.

Continue going west to Route 131 and go north at the sign to reach a cave and a dialog with Wallace. Say, "Yes" and prepare for a battle. Wallace has a lvl 55 Wailord, a lvl 55 Gyarados, a lvl 55 Whiscash, a lvl 57 Milotic, a lvl 55 Tentacruel, and a lvl 55 Ludicolo. Ice type moves work well against all of these Pokemon so use those if able. After the battle another dialog happens.

Sky Pillar

Now head north inside the cave, which is the Sky Pillar. Go north up the stairs and exit back onto Route 131. Go north and enter the Sky Pillar once more. A dialog with Zinnia will happen. Continue north and go up the ladders on each floor and Zinnia will make dialog along the entire way. Once at the top of the Sky Pillar - a lengthy dialog with Zinnia happens and answer, "I have."

Rayquaza will appear so get prepared. Go north and speak with Rayquaza for a battle. It will be lvl 70. It would be wise to catch Rayquaza. This can be done easily by using Quick Balls at the start of the battle. Rayquaza will join your party and another dialog with Zinnia happens and a battle with her. Her team includes a lvl 60 Goodra, a lvl 60 Tyrantrum, a lvl 60 Altaria, a lvl 60 Noivern, and a lvl 62 Salamence.

Dragon and Ice type moves work well against many of these Pokemon so be sure to use them. After the battle - a dialog happens and a cutscene where a battle with a lvl 80 Deoxys will happen. Like with Rayquaza - be sure to capture the Deoxys. After the battle - you will get a letter from Aster. A long dialog will happen with various people and that will conclude the Delta Episode.

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