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Chapter 14: Ultra Space

Want a video instead of a text walkthrough for this part? You can find it embedded below:

Part 14: Ultra Space

Altar of the Moone/Sunne

Sun Moon ScreenshotSun Moon Screenshot

Head north through the entrance and you'll arrive at the Altar of the Moone (Moon version) or the Altar of the Sunne (Sun version). Head up the long set of stairs after a cutscene. Stand on the platform opposite of Lillie and play the flute. A cutscene will play where Lunala (Moon version) or Solgaleo (Sun version) will appear and take you into Ultra Space.

Ultra Space

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Head to the north a bit and you'll quickly run into Guzma. He'll warn you of the danger of the Ultra Beasts. After a cutscene, follow Lillie up ahead and watch another cutscene. You'll have to battle Lusamine again after she's been engulfed by an Ultra Beast. She has a Lv. 50 Clefable, a Lv. 50 Milotic, a Lv. 50 Mismagius, a Lv. 50 Lilligant, and a Lv. 50 Bewear. After you've defeated her, Lunala or Solgaleo will seperate Lusamine from the Ultra Beast. After a brief cutscene where Lusamine and Lillie make up, you'll be taken out of Ultra Space.

Title Legendary

Sun Moon ScreenshotSun Moon Screenshot

You'll now have the opportunty to battle against and catch Lunala or Solgaleo. You can use the Master Ball to simplify the process if you wish, but we recommend saving it for a more diffcult Pokémon. Try throwing a Quick Ball first. If that doesn't work, lower it's HP as much as you can and throw Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls: it's not hard to catch. Once you've caught your token legendary for your respective version, another cutscene will play. Nanu will arrive afterwards and ask if you'd like to go to Tapu Village with him. Say "yes" when you're ready.

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