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Chapter 15: Pokemon League

Want a video instead of a text walkthrough for this part? You can find it embedded below:

Part 15: Pokemon League

Gladion Battle

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Head north out of Tapu Village towards the Pokemon League! A cutscene will play and you'll be greeted by Gladion who will once again want to battle. He has a Lv. 52 Crobat, a Lv. 53 Silvally, a Lv. 52 Weavile, and a Lv. 52 Lucario. He's pretty challenging, so you may need to do some training before you are able to beat him. He'll give you a Max Elixir once he is defeated. Heal up back in Tapu Village if you need, and then head up the elevator.

Mount Lanakila

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Pick up the Escape Rope to your right and the Zygarde Cell a little further ahead to the left. Continue into the next area and forward until you come to a fork. Go left at the fork for TM13 - Ice Beam. Head back right and continue forward. Head down the path to the right and you'll find a Z Pedestal. Grab the Icium Z from it. You'll also find a Full Restore nearby. Continue on the left-most path and exit the cave.

Hau Battle

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Grab the Max Revive to your left and take the elevator up. Heal up at the Pokemon Center here and make sure to stock up on plenty of Revives, Max Potions, and status healers. Continue forward to the left. Grab the Zygarde Cell by the rock and continue north. Hau will stop you after a while and challenge you to a battle. He's got a Lv. 53 Alolan Raichu, a Lv. 53 Eevee evolution, a Lv. 53 Komala, and a Lv. 54 starter evolution. He probably won't give you as much trouble as Gladion, but he'll definitely put up a fight. He'll give you 3 Max Revives after you've won. Continue forward and you'll run into Professor Kukui. He'll give you some more details on the Pokemon league. Once you're ready, enter through the doors.

Elite Four Hala

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Enter the first door on the left. You'll face off against Hala, who specializes in Fighting types. He has a Lv. 54 Hariyama, a Lv. 54 Primeape, a Lv. 54 Bewear, a Lv. 54 Poliwrath, and a Lv. 55 Crabominable. A strong Flying or Fairy type should make quick work of his team. Psychic types are also strong options, but tend to be slightly weaker defensively, so watch out for his hard hitting moves like Outrage. Use the portal behind him to get back to the main room.

Elite Four Olivia

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Head into the next door to fight Olivia, who specializes in Rock type Pokemon. She has a Lv. 54 Relicanth, a Lv. 54 Alolan Golem, a Lv. 54 Carbink, a Lv. 54 Probopass, and a Lv. 55 Lycanroc. A Grass type Pokemon will work well against everything but Probopass, which you'll probably want a Fighting type for. Watch out for Reflect and Sandstorm that will make the battle more challenging. Lycanroc can be deadly as well, especially with its Z-Move. Head through the portal when you finish the battle.

Elite Four Acerola

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Head into the next door to battle against Acerola, the Ghost type specialist. She has a Lv. 54 Sableye, a Lv. 54 Froslass, a Lv. 54 Palossand, a Lv.54 Drifblim, and a Lv. 55 Dhelmise. A Dark type is recommended alongside Pokemon that know strong Fire, Water, and Electric moves to take care of secondary typings. She's very liberal with Full Restores, so watch out for that. Take the portal behind her when you are finished.

Elite Four Kahili

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The final member of the elite four is Kahili, who specializes in Flying type Pokemon. She has a Lv. 54 Skarmory, a Lv. 54 Mandibuzz, a Lv. 54 Toucannon, a Lv. 54 Crobat, and a Lv 54 Oricorio (Baile Style). A strong Electric, Rock, or Bug type will work really well. Watch out for the Spikes that Skarmory might lay: they deal damage every time you switch a new Pokemon in.

Professor Kukui

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Prepare your team with revives and potions and then walk into the center teleporter. Head towards the throne and take a brief seat. In order to become the champion you must defeat Professor Kukui. He has a Lv. 57 Lycanroc, a Lv. 56 Braviary, a Lv. 56 Snorlax, a Lv. 58 starter evolution (it has an advantage over yours), a Lv. 57 Magnezone, and a Lv. 56 Alolan Ninetales. His team is varied, but a good Fire, Fighting, and Water type will take out most of his Pokemon. He's got a lot of Full Restores, so don't count those out.

Tapu Koko

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Congratulations on becoming Alola's first ever champion and beating Pokémon Sun or Moon version! Once you've beten Kukui, watch the long series of cutscenes until Lillie eventually leads you to the Ruins of Conflict where you'll be pitted against the legendary guardian Tapu Koko. If you accidently KO it now, you'll be able to get another shot at catching it in the post game, so don't worry too much. It's not a bad candidate for your Master Ball if you're not saving it. Either way, you'll get Tapunium Z after the battle. During the ending cutscenes, you will also receive a Poké Doll from Lillie. Continue watching the cutscenes and credits and make sure to join us for post-game, your journey isn't over yet!

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