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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Island Kahunas

Sun Moon Island Kahunas

Our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Island Kahunas guide will walk you through conquering each Grand Trial in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and defeating each Kahuna in Ultra Sun & Moon. These Grand Trial battles are roughly equivalent to Gym Leader battles from previous Pokemon generations.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Island Kahunas Guide

Kahuna Hala - Melemele Island Kahuna

Hala Pokemon Sun Moon

Kahuna: Hala
Type Fighting
Rewards: Fightingium Z | Rider Pager

#1 Machop


Type: Fighting
Lv. 15
Karate Chop Fighting
Revenge Fighting
Focus Energy Normal

#2 Makuhita


Type: Fighting
Lv. 15
Arm Thrust Fighting
Sand Attack Ground
Fake Out Normal

#3 Crabrawler


Type: Fighting
Lv. 16
Pursuit Dark
Power-Up Punch Fighting
Leer Normal


Island Kahuna Hala is a master of Fighting type Pokemon. Flying and Psychic type moves (and Pokemon) will be most effective in this battle. He has a Lv. 15 Machop, a Lv. 15 Makuhita, and a Lv. 16 Crabrawler. A few strong Pokemon in the Lv. 16-18 range will get you through this battle with ease, especially if you have type-advantage. Upon defeat, Kahuna Hala will give you Fightinium Z and your Grand Trial will be complete. He'll also give you a Ride Pager that will let you call and ride Tauros at your leisure. After this trial, traded Pokemon up to level 35 will obey you.

Kahuna Olivia - Akala Island Kahuna

Olivia Pokemon Sun Moon

Kahuna: Olivia
Type Rock
Rewards: Rockium Z

#1 Anorith


Type: Rock Bug
Lv. 27
Bug Bite Bug
Smack Down Rock
Metal Claw Steel

#2 Lileep


Type: Rock Grass
Lv. 27
Giga Drain Grass
Brine Water

#3 Lycanroc


Type: Rock
Lv. 28
Bite Dark
Rock Tomb Rock


Island Kahuna Olivia features a roster of a Lv. 27 Anorith, a Lv. 27 Lileep, and a Lv. 28 Lycanroc. Watch out for the Z-Move Continental Crush from Lycanroc, which has the ability to one-hit KO any of your Pokemon. We recommend Water, Grass, or Fighting type Pokemon to make this battle easier. Kahuna Olivia might also use Super Potions, so be ready for her to heal her Lycanroc. When she has been defeated, she'll reward you with Rockium Z. Traded Pokemon up to level 50 will obey you.

Kahuna Nanu - Ula'ula Island Kahuna

Nanu Pokemon Sun Moon

Kahuna: Nanu
Type Dark
Rewards: Darkium Z

#1 Sableye


Type: Dark Ghost
Lv. 43
Power Gem Rock
Shadow Ball Ghost
Fake Out Normal

#2 Krokorok


Type: Dark
Lv. 43
Crunch Dark
Assurance Dark
Swagger Normal
Earthquake Ground

#3 Persian


Type: Dark
Lv. 44
Power Gem Rock
Fake Out Normal
Dark Pulse Dark


Island Kahuna Nanu has a team featuring a Lv. 43 Sableye, a Lv. 43 Krokorok, and a Lv. 44 Persian. His Alolan Persian can prove difficult, but can beaten with a type advantage. After winning the battle, you'll be rewarded with Darkium Z and your Grand Trial will be complete. Traded Pokemon up to level 65 will obey you.

Kahuna Hapu - Poni Island Kahuna

Hapu Pokemon Sun Moon

Kahuna: Hapu
Type Ground
Rewards: Groundium Z

#1 Golurk


Type: Ground Ghost
Lv. 53
Hammer Arm Fighting
Earthquake Ground
Shadow Punch Ghost
Stealth Rock Rock

#2 Gastrodon


Type: Water Ground
Lv. 53
Muddy Water Water
Mud Bomb Ground
Recover Normal

#3 Flygon


Type: Ground Dragon
Lv. 53
Earth Power Ground
Dragon Breath Dragon

#4 Mudsdale


Type: Ground
Lv. 54
Heavy Slam Steel
Earthquake Ground
Double Kick Fighting
Payback Dark


Island Kahuna Hapu specializes in Ground type Pokemon and on her team has a Lv. 53 Golurk, a Lv. 53 Gastrodon, a Lv. 53 Flygon, and a Lv. 54 Mudsdale. We recommend a strong Ice or Grass type for the best time. When you win, Kahuna Hapu give you Groundium Z. Your final Grand Trial will be complete.

Thanks for using our Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Kahunas and Grand Trials guide!

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