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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trial Captains

Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Trial Captains

Our Trial Captains guide for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will detail each Trial Captain and how to complete the eight Island Trials. There are seven Trial Captains across the islands of Alola. For each Island Trial you complete, you'll receive a Z-Crystal as a reward.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trial Captains

Trial Captain Llima

Trial Captain Ilima

After the cutscene, look inside the nearby den.

A Rattata will attack. Simply defeat it and head to the right to find a Super Potion. Now head north and go to the next den for another battle. Afterwards, head around to the northern most right part of the cavern where several dens are located. Examine the only den accessible and head to the left portion of the area.

Examine the den here as well. Head south to find an X Defense and continue south. Head back around to the northern most right part of the cavern. Head up the right path instead of the left path this time. Crawl through the opening to find a Super Potion. Now hop down the ledge to the left.

Examine the den to see that the Pokemon has moved around yet again. Hop down the ledge to the south and head back towards the nearby wooden bridge for a cutscene and a battle. Now head back to the nearby den and examine it for a battle with a Raticate.

After defeating it, head to the back of the cave and speak with the guy. Now head into the next room to find the Totem’s Den. Continue inside and examine the pedestal to get in a battle with Totem Raticate. Be sure to defeat the Totem Raticate first before finishing off any of the others.

After the battle, a cutscene with Ilima will happen and you will get the Normalium Z as well as 10 Great Balls. This will now complete the Trial of Ilima.

Trial Captain Lana

Trial Captain Lana

Once you reach Brooklet Hill, continue along until you reach the cutscene with Lana, which will initiate the Trial of Lana.

Lana will register Lapras to your Ride Pager. Now continue along the path until you get another cutscene with Lana. Use Lapras to travel across the water and examine the splashes. They will start battles with Wishiwashi. Continue along the path and examine the splashes along the way.

You will eventually reach the Totem’s Den. Head towards the water and a cutscene will happen. Like before, use Lapras to go examine the splash. It will be Totem Araquanid this time around. Use a similar strategy by taking the Totem Pokemon out before any of the allies.

Once you have defeated the Totem Pokemon, a cutscene will happen and you will get the Waterium Z, Fishing Rod, and 10 Dive Balls. This will complain the Trial of Lana.

Trial Captain Kiawe

Trial Captain Kiawe

A cutscene will happen with Kiawe here and you will be in the Trial of Kiawe.

You need to answer several questions in this trial. The first answer is “the middle Marowak.” You will now have to battle a Marowak. The answer to the second question is “How they’re smiling.” Now a battle with the Hiker. The answer to the last question can be any of them.

You will now be a fight with Totem Marowak. Just use the same strategy as the others and focus on the Totem Pokemon first. You will be given the Firium Z, 10 Quick Balls, and have Charizard registered to the Ride Pager.

Trial Captain Mallow

Trial Captain Mallow

Go inside the Lush Jungle and continue for a cutscene with Mallow. You will now be in the Trial of Mallow and she will also give you the Forage Bag. Examine the nearby shiny spot for a Mago Berry.

Now speak with Mallow to be taken to the next spot. Examine the nearby bush to get the Honey. Speak with Mallow to be taken to the next spot. Examine the nearby Sudowoodo to get a Big Root. Now go speak with Mallow again to be taken back to the entrance.

While checking the ingredients, a Fomantis, Comfey, and a Sudowoodo will attack. After defeating each of them, the cutscene will continue and Totem Lurantis will attack. Take out Totem Lurantis first and finish off any allies to win the match. This will complete the Trial of Mallow.

Mallow will give you the Grassium Z and 10 Nest Balls. Kukui will show up and give you the TM67 Smart Strike.

Trial Captain Sophocles

Trial Captain Sophocles

You will now be in the Trial of Sophocles. First, examine the upper left corner. Now examine the upper right corner to connect the Charjabug. After a short cutscene, a battle with an Elekid will happen. Once the battle is over, you will have another row to connect.

Simply examine the bottom left corner 1 time and the bottom right corner 2 times to connect the row. There will now be a battle with an Electabuzz. Afterwards, examine the upper right 1 time, bottom left 1 time, and upper left 2 times to form a Z.

There will be a cutscene and a battle with Totem Togedemaru will ensue. Simply take out the Totem Pokemon first before finishing off any of the ally Pokemon. There will be a cutscene after the battle and you will get the Electrium Z and the Professor’s Mask. This will complete the Trial of Sophocles.

Trial Captain Acerola

Trial Captain Acerola

Continue along Route 14 until you reach Acerola south of the marker on the map. After some brief dialogue, follow her up the stairs for another round of dialogue. Now head inside to begin the Trial of Acerola. Start out by making your way towards the back of the room.

A conveyor belt will start to move. Examine it and take a picture of the Gastly. A battle will ensue. Head west after the battle to find another place to examine, which will be a Haunter. Take a picture of it and get ready for another battle.

Continue through the room after beating Haunter until the dolls start moving. Examine them to be able to take a picture of Gengar. Like previously, a battle will happen with it. Afterwards, continue heading through to the back of the room to find Acerola.

Make sure to always answer that you are not leaving and finish with picking, “Take a photo.” Now head through the unlocked door. Take a picture of the Totem Pokemon, which may be directly behind you. This will start the battle with Totem Mimikyu.

Use the same strategy as usual by defeating Totem Mimikyu first and any allies second. After the battle, Acerola will give you the Ghostium Z and 10 Dusk Balls. This will complete the Trial of Acerola.

Trial Captain Mina

Speak with Mina to start the Trial of Mina. This will initiate a battle with Mina. Afterwards, she will give you a Pink Petal. Now fly to Route 2 on Melemele Island. Head east to the cemetery for a cutscene. You will get a Max Elixir.

Head into the cemetery and speak to Ilima by one of the graves for a battle. After the battle, Ilima will give you the Orange Petal. Head with Ilima to Lush Jungle. Heal your Pokemon at the nearby Pokemon center if needed before heading into Lush Jungle.

Follow Mallow into the back of the area for a cutscene and a battle with Lana. After the battle, you will get the Green Petal from Mallow and the Blue Petal from Lana. Head to Wela Volcano Park with them. Heal your Pokemon at a nearby Pokemon center if needed before heading to the top of the volcano.

Once at the top of the Wela Volcano Park, speak with the Hiker for some dialogue and a battle with Kiawe. Afterwards, you will have to battle Hiker David as well. Kiawe will now give you the Red Petal. Head with him to Hokulani Observatory and heal your Pokemon if needed.

Head inside the observatory and go find Sophocles for some dialogue. He will give you the Yellow Petal and take you to the next stop on Mina’s Trial. After the dialogue, go towards the Aether House for another cutscene and be given a Grip Claw.

Head inside Aether House for a cutscene with Nanu and a battle. Nanu will give you the Purple Petal after the battle. Now fly back to Seafolk Village, heal your Pokemon, and go speak with Mina. After some dialogue, she will give you the Rainbow Flower and a battle with Totem Ribombee will start.

Focus on the Totem Pokemon first and the ally second. After the battle, Mina will give you the Fairium Z. This completes the Trial of Mina.

Thanks for using our Ultra Sun and Moon Island Trials guide!

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