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#236 Tyrogue


Type: Fighting
Species: Scuffle Pokémon
Height: 2′4″ (0.71m)
Weight: 46.3 lbs (21.0 kg)
Native to: Johto (#143)
Abilities: Guts; Steadfast; Vital Spirit (Hidden Ability)

Tyrogue is the two-hundred-and-thirty-sixth Pokemon on the National Pokedex and was introduced in Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal). Tyrogue is a Fighting type Pokemon. It is a Basic Pokemon that evolves into Hitmonlee at level 20 if its Attack is greater than its Defense, Hitmonchan at level 20 if its Defense is greater than its Attack, or Hitmontop at level 20 if its Attack is equal to its Defense.


Tyrogue Lv. 01
Hitmonlee Lv. 20; Attack
Hitmonchan Lv. 20; Defense
Hitmontop Lv. 20; Attack + Defense

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