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Chapter 3: Vermillion City Gym

Part 3: Vermillion City Gym

Route 5

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Exit the gym and heal up at the Pokemon Center. Head to the northeast house in town and a cutscene where a Squirtle steals some Poke Balls from a police officer. After she chases after it, enter the house and then exit it through the hole to the right. Speak to the Team Rocket Grunt here for a battle. After winning, you'll be rewarded with TM10 - Dig. Continue south and to the west to find a Burn Heal. Continue south onto Route 5.

Let's Go Pikachu Eevee ScreenshotLet's Go Pikachu Eevee Screenshot

At the end of the straightaway you'll find a Ether. You can also pick up a 3 Nanab Berries and then speak to your rival and he'll tell you to take the underground path to Vermillion City and give you 2 Revives. Before we do this, we can head back north for a bit and then hop down the cliff into the center path, still on Route 5. There are a number of new Pokemon to catch here as well as 3 Great Balls. The building here is the Pokemon Daycare. You can leave a Pokemon here to level up while your away (for a cost) if you'd like.

Route 6

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We can now enter the Underground Path. You'll find a Repel and a Lure as you follow the path to the south. Once outside, head north to find a Super Potion. You can also pick up a Guard Spec. near the entrance and face off against Gentleman Edward, Camper Ricky, and Picnicker Nancy. Continue south, defeating Sailor Elijah along the way if you wish. To the west you'll find an Item Ball containing a Paralyze Heal. You'll then need to defaet Camper Jeff and Picnicker Isabelle to continue south.

Vermillion City

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You'll find yourself in Vermillion City, so go ahead and heal up if you'd like. There is a gym in this city, but we won't be able to access it yet. If you head east from the center into the grassy area you can find a Full Heal. If you enter the Pokemon Fan Club building (it has a bow on the top) and speak to the chairmen on the couch, he'll give you a clothing set to match your partner Pokemon. Afterward, head south to the docks and speak to the sailor here. He'll check your S.S. Ticket and give you the Sailor Set for yourself and your partner. Head aboard the S.S. Anne.

S.S. Anne

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Once aboard, you'll be greeted by your rival and Blue (I named my rival Blue which led to much hilarity and confusion). Blue will give you a Shalour Sable. There are a number of trainers you can battle if you wish in different rooms, that you can also skip if you'd like. Head right and enter the center room to battle Gentleman Arthur. At anytime you can enter the left room to heal your team. Head left and enter the third room to battle Beauty Nickie and Youngster Tyler and pick up a Paralyze Heal.

Head south to the kitchen to pick up a Super Repel.If you'd like, you can head back to the right and down stairs for some more battles. In the second room you'll find Sailor Leonard. In the third room, you'll find Engineer Dylan as well as a Full Heal and an Elixir. In the fourth room you'll find Sailor Huey and a Super Potion. In the fifth room, you'll find Fisherman Barny.

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Head back upstairs and to the left to the second floor. Take the staircase to the left to get out to the deck. Here you can battle Sailor Edmond and Sailor Trevor. Head back to the right through the long hallway with 6 doors. The second door is home to Fisherman Dale. Enter the fourth door to battle Gentleman Brooks and Gentleman Lamar and pick up a Nugget. Continue to the right and you'll be stopped by your rival. He'll want to battle you: he has a Lv. 20 Pidgeotto, a Lv. 20 Oddish, and a Lv. 21 Pikachu or Eevee. Enter the room and speak to the captain and he'll teach your partner Pokemon the special technique Chop Down. Exit the ship.

Vermillion City Gym

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The S.S. Anne will take off and we're now ready to take on Vermillion City Gym. It's the Electric-type gym, so if you don't already have a Ground type Pokemon you can find one in Digglet's Cave to the east of town. Fire and Fighting are also good options for this gym. Heal up and head to the gym on the west side of town when you're ready. You'll need to use Chop Down to remove the tree blocking your path to the entrance.

There are three trainers you can face before the gym leader: Sailor Dwayne, Rocker Baily, and Gentleman Tucker. Each have Electric-type Pokemon. After defeating the trainers, you'll need to solve the puzzle beofore facing the gym leader. Go to the center trash can in the third row from the entrance and push the switch. The trash can directly behind that has a hidden switch under it as well.

Let's Go Pikachu Eevee ScreenshotLet's Go Pikachu Eevee Screenshot

The Vermillion City Gym Leader is Lt. Surge. He has a Lv. 25 Voltorb, a Lv. 25 Magnemite, and a Lv. 26 Raichu. Defeating him in battle should be fairly straightforward. A low-twenties leveled Ground type with Dig (you have the TM) will probably be enough. As a reward for winning, you'll get the Thunder Badge, an Autograph, and TM36 - Thunderbolt.

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