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Chapter 2: Cerulean City Gym

Part 2: Cerulean City Gym

Route 3

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After exiting Pewter City Gym, you'll be approached by Pokemon Trainer Blue, grandson of Professor Oak. He'll give you 5 Great Balls. Heal up at the Pokemon Center if you need and then head out of town to the east onto Route 3.

You'll find 3 Poke Balls and a Potion and can battle Lass Janice, Youngster Calvin, and a more challenging Coach Trainer Kareem. He has a Lv. 11 Bulbasaur and will reward you with a Revive for beating him. Further east on this route you can battle Camper Victor and Picnicker Robin and pick up a Lure. Continue east and south to battle Youngster Ben and Bug Catcher Greg. East of these trainers in the tall grass you can find a Revive. Head north onto Route 4.

Mt. Moon

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It's probably a good idea to head to the Pokemon Center and heal your team. Then pick up the Escape Rope to the west and battle Coach Trainer Oberon and his Lv. 13 Meowth. If you win you'll get TM57 - Pay Day. Afterward, head into the tunnel to enter Mt. Moon. Upon entering, you'll catch your fist glimpse of Team Rocket via some dialogue. Immediately head left for a Potion, 3 Great Balls, and a battle with Bug Catcher Kent.

Let's Go Pikachu Eevee ScreenshotLet's Go Pikachu Eevee Screenshot

Now head back east and you'll be stopped for a battle by Lass Evelyn. Take the first ladder down two floors to find a Team Rocket Grunt and a Rare Candy before returning to the top. Afterward, head south for a battle with Super Nerd Jovan and Youngster Robby and pick up an Awakening and an Ether. Head back north and grab the Repel along the way. To the northwest of this floor you'll find Lass Miriam and catch another glimpse of Team Rocket.

Take the ladder two floors down here to grab a Nugget Return to the top and then continue west on this floor and defeat Youngster Josh and Hiker Marcos and pick up a Pearl. Take the ladder down a floor here. You'll see Team Rocket's Meowth on this floor, but just continue down to the next floor. Pick up the Revive to the north and defeat the Team Rocket Grunt to the east. Pick up another Potion and you'll run into Team Rocket again. Continue past them and around to the west to find another Revive and Team Rocket Grunt.

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After defeating the grunt, continue north and Super Nerd Miguel will battle you over the ownership of some fossils that he found. He has a Lv. 10 Voltorb and a Lv. 10 Magnemite. After winning, you'll have the option to take the Dome Fossil or Helix Fossil. Pick the Dome Fossil if you like Kabuto and pick the Helix Fossil if you like Omanyte. After this, you'll be stopped by Jessie and James from Team Rocket. You'll need to defaet them in a double battle to protect your new fossil. Head west and up the two ladders to exit Mt. Moon.

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Head east on Route 4 to find 5 Poke Balls and a Paralyze Heal in Item Balls out in the open. Continue east to also find a Repel and 3 Great Balls before heading into Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

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Head to the Pokemon Center to heal up once you get into town. Speak to the man in red here to teach your starter Pokemon a special move if you'd like. You can also enter the house north of the Pokemon Center and exit out the back to find a Rare Candy. There's nothing else to do in town, but we'll need a Pokemon that's at leat Lv. 15 before we can challenge the gym, so we might as well head north to do some training first. You'll quickly be stopped and challenged by your rival who has a Lv. 12 Pidgey, a Lv. 12 Oddish, and a Lv. 13 Eevee.

Route 24

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Head north after defeating your rival and face a guantlet of five trainers on the bridge: Bug Catcher Cale, Lass Ali, Youngster Timmy, Lass Reli, and Camper Kevin. The trainer at the end of the bridge will give you a Nugget for your efforts, but is actually a member of Team Rocket who will want to battle you. Afterward, head southwest to pick up 3 Razz Berries and to battle Camper Shane. Heal up if you need to and continue onto Route 25.

Route 25

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Head east on this route and challenge Hiker Franklin straight away. You can pick up an X Sp. Def from the ledge behind him. Head east and defeat Youngster Chad, Bird Keeper Joey, Youngster Dan, Hiker Nob, Picnicker, and Camper Dustin. Continue heading east, grabbing the Ether and defeating Lass Haley and Fisherman Wayne. Head east and enter the house here.

This is Bill's house, of the original PC fame. He accidently combined himself with a Pokemon, so agree to help him and interact with the PC to do so. He'll thank you with S.S. Tickets. Exit his house and challenge Coach Trainer Amala and her Lv. 16 Machop if you'd like. As a reward for winning, you'll get TM15 - Seismic Toss. Go ahead and pick up the Lure in this area as well before heading back west on the lower path if you'd like. We're ready for the gym now, so heal up and head in, it's right next to the Pokemon Center.

Cerulean City Gym

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Enter the gym and show off a Pokemon above Lv. 15. There are three trainers to defeat before Gym Leader Misty. The first is Beauty Lily, who has a Lv. 16 Goldeen. The second is Beauty Violet, who has a Lv. 16 Shellder. The third is Beauty Daisy, who has a Lv. 16 Seel. If you'd like skip the latter two, you have that option. Either way, challenge Gym Leader Misty when you're ready.

Misty has a Lv. 18 Psyduck and a Lv. 19 Starmie. Electric and Grass types are ideal for this gym. If your starter was Pikachu, this gym should be very easy. Otherwise, you'll want a Grass-type like Bulbasaur or Oddish. As your reward for winning, you'll get the Cascade Badge and TM29 - Scald.

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