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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Team Star Bases

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are three major storylines that serve as the objectives of the game. One of them is known as Starfall Street. In this objective, you'll need to travel to and conquer the five of bases of the antagonist group Team Star. These Team Star Bases are divided up into five squads that are spread across the map. They can be completed in any order, but we've listed them in the recommended order based on difficulty.

Note: this page is under construction. Information is being added daily and is subject to change as we find out more information about the game.

Team Star Dark Crew Base - Segin Squad

Shortly before reaching the base, you'll be stopped by a few Team Star Grunts. You'll need to battle one of them straightaway. They will have a Lv. 19 Murkrow. You'll then get a call from Cassiopeia explaining what you'll need to do next. When you enter the base, you'll only be able to use the first three Pokemon in your party. Get these sorted out and feel free to heal up if you need to, then ring the bell on the gate.

When you get in, Clive will explain the Star Barrage battles. You'll have to send all three of your Pokemon to partake in auto-battles at once. You'll have 10 minutes to defeat 30 Dark-type Pokemon in this format. If you run low on health, you can head back to Clive or any of the vending machines to heal up. If you've brought a solid team, you should be able to take them out in far under the alotted time. Just run around and toss a single Pokemon at a group of three Team Star Pokemon, trying to match up the typing so that you always have an advantage.

After taking all these Pokemon out, the boss of the Dark Crew and Segin Squad will be called down: Giacomo. He'll ride out on a very pimped out ride and challenge you to a battle. You'll have your full team back for this battle. He uses a Lv. 21 Pawniard, and a Lv. 20 Segin Starmobile. That's right, the vehicle Giacomo rode in on is actually a Pokemon. The name of the species is Revavroom, although clearly this particular one has been decked out to Giacomo's taste. Despite being Lv. 20, the Segin Starmobile has much higher HP than it typically would. It's pretty powerful, but you should be able to defeat it with your whole team at your disposal.

After defeating Giacomo, a cutscene will play that flashes back to earlier in Team Star's history. All five of Team Star's squad leaders are gathered to decide on the Team Star code. Afterward, you'll be awarded with the Dark Star Badge and TM062 - Foul Play. After another cutscene, you'll exit the base and receive another call from Cassiopeia. They will send Penny over to you to give you lots of Pokemon materials for crafting TMs.

Team Star Fire Crew Base - Schedar Squad

A little further ahead you'll run into Clive once again. After some dialogue with him, Cassiopeia will give you a call. She'll give you a warning that this base might be a little bit tougher. Approach the gate of the base and you'll need to battle a Team Star Grunt. He has a Lv. 25 Houndour. After taking that out, Clive will approach once again. A Pokemon named Charlos the Charcadet will also join you and then run into the base.

Approach the walls of the base, making sure to have the first three Pokemon in your party what you want to bring in with you. Just like the previous Team Star base challenge, you'll need to defeat 30 Pokemon in 10 minutes using auto-battles. They are of course all partially Fire-type Pokemon. If you came prepared with the right types and Pokemon in the mid-20s range, you should have no trouble with this. Just run around tossing out one Pokemon at each group until you've defeated 30.

After completing this challenge, the leader of the Fire Crew Schedar Squad will challenge you to a battle. Her name is Mela and she also uses Fire-type Pokemon. She has a Lv. 27 Torkoal, and a Lv. 26 Fire-type Revavroom. The Revavroom is nicknamed the Schedar Starmobile. It's HP bar is far above what you'd expect for the level, so it's a good idea to Terastallize for the fight. It has a unique move called Blazing Torque and its speed will be boosted every turn thanks to its ability.

After defeating Mela, you'll see another flashback cutscene where she meets with the other Team Star bosses. You'll then be recognized with the Fire Star Badge and TM038 - Flame Charge. Afterward, Mela and Charlos the Charcadet will be reunited. You'll then receive another call from Cassiopeia. You'll get some LP and Penny will show up again to lots of Pokemon materials.

Team Star Poison Crew Base - Navi Squad

Follow the path into the grassy area and a cutscene will begin with Clive. You're now right in front of the gates to the Poison Crew Base. Get your party and approach the gate for a battle with a very young man with some unknown involvement with Team Star. He has a Lv. 30 Gulpin and a Lv. 31 Shroodle. A strong Ground-type should make quick work of his team. After winning the battle, Clive will join you and then you'll get a call from Cassiopeia. They'll give you the usual speil about needing to defeat a bunch of the Navi Squad's Pokemon before you can face the leader. Make sure you've got the three Pokemon you want to bring in at the top of your Party and enter the gates.

The strategy here is the same as the rest of the bases. You'll need to defeat 30 of their Pokemon in under 10 minutes using auto battles. Simply run around and unleash one Pokemon on each group of their Pokemon. You should be able to get it done in closer to two minutes. If you need to, you can also use the vending machines to heal your party. After this is finished, the Poison Crew will call their boss in for backup.

The boss of the Navi Squad nad Poison Crew is named Atticus. He of course uses Poison-type Pokemon. He has a Lv. 32 Muk, Lv. 32 Skuntank, a Lv. 33 Revavroom, and a Lv. 32 Revavroom that's nicknamed the Navi Starmobile. This second Revavroom is of course the vehicle that Atticus is standing on and is pure Poison-type (as opposed to the other Poison/Steel Revavroom). It's a good idea to Terastallize when fighting the Navi Starmobile.

After winning the battle against Atticus, you'll get another flashback cutscene to the origin of Team Star. You'll then be awarded with the Poison Star Badge. He'll also give you TM102 - Gunk Shot. Afterward you'll get a little more backstory on Team Star. You'll then get a call from Cassiopeia who will give you 7,000 LP. Penny will also stop by and give you lots of Pokemon Materials.

Team Star Fairy Crew Base - Ruchbah Squad

Once you get close enough to the base ahead, you'll run into Clive. He'll ask you about Cassiopeia and then run ahead. If you get a little closer to the base you'll come agross a man named Harrington and a Team Star Grunt. You'll have to battle Harrington to get in. He uses a Lv. 48 Morgrem and a Lv. 49 Hattrem. After winning the battle, you'll get a call from Cassiopeia. She'll tell you about the Ruchbah Squad and it's leader Ortega.

Make sure to heal up and choose the three Pokemon you want to bring in by having them at the top of your party. Go ahead and ring the bell when you're ready. Like the previous bases, you'll once again have to defeat 30 of Team Star's Fairy-type Pokemon in 10 minutes via auto-battling. This should be very easy to do at this point, just run around and throw one Pokemon at a group that it has the type advantage over. You can check out the vending machines if you need to heal up during the challenge.

Once you've taken out all thee Team Star Grunts' Pokemon, it's time for your battle with the leader Ortega. You'll have your full party back for this battle. He of course uses Fairy-type Pokemon. He has a Lv. 50 Azumarill, a Lv. 50 Wigglytuff, a Lv. 51 Dachsbun, and a Lv. 50 Fairy-type Revavroom. The Revavroom is known as the Ruchbah Starmobile and has HP far greater than a typical Lv. 50 Pokemon.

After winning the battle, you'll see another flashback to a conversation with the leaders of Team Star. You'll then receive the Fairy Star Badge. Ortega will also give you his favorite TM, TM079 - Dazzling Gleam. Afterward a cutscene will play with Ortega, Harrington, and Clive. It appears that a former leader of Team Star apparently was sent to the Galar region. Afterward, you'll get another call from Cassiopeia who will explain further and give you 10,000 LP. You'll also get a special delivery from Penny who will give you some Pokemon Materials.

Team Star Fighting Crew Base - Caph Squad

If you walk further ahead past the Pokemon Center you'll get a call from Cassiopeia and Clive will show up. When you approach this Team Star Base, you'll actually find the boss herself. However, a grunt will come take over the duties and you'll have to beat them in a battle. They have a Lv. 54 Croagunk and a Lv. 55 Primeape. After winning, you'll get another call from Cassiopeia about how to approach the Caph Squad. Go ahead and get healed up and approach the gate to storm the Fighting Crew Base.

Like all previous Team Star bases, you can only bring in the first three Pokemon in your party. You'll need to defeat 30 of the Team Star Fighting-type Pokemon in less than 10 minutes. This should be very easy if you have the type advantage, just run around and throw out one Pokemon at a group of their Pokemon in auto-battles. This base is a little more narrow and linear than previous bases, so the Pokemon won't be grouped up quite as much. You should still have more than eough time to get the job done though.

After clearing the first challenge, the Fighting Crew Boss Eri will challenge you to a battle. She specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon of course, so Flying and Psychic types are your best bets to counter her. She uses a Lv. 55 Toxicroak, a Lv. 55 Lucario, a Lv. 56 Annihilape, a Lv. 55 Passimian, and a Lv. 56 Revavroom also known as the Caph Starmobile. Be careful as some of her Pokemon know Dark and Ghost moves that can weaken a Psychic-type right away. The Revavroom will be Fighting-type and it's a good idea to save your Terastallization for it as it has beefed up stats.

After winning the battle, you'll once again see a flashback to the origin of Team Star and a meeting amonst its leaders. You'll then be reluctantly given the Fighting Star Badge. She'll also give you a copy of her trademark move, TM167 - Close Combat. After another cutscene with Clive, you'll leave the base and get a call from Cassiopeia. She'll send you 20,000 LP. Strangely, Clive will be the one to give you some Pokemon Materials instead of Penny.

It's at this time that Cassiopeia reveals a rather large and somewhat predictable twist: she herself is the big boss of Team Star! It turns out she founded Team Star but when things got out of hand she wanted to use us to disband the group. She invites you to a final battle with her back at the Academy schoolyard after dark.

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