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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titan Pokemon

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are three major storylines that serve as the objectives of the game. One of them is known as the Path of Legends. In this objective, you'll need to find and defeat five Titan Pokemon. These are larger and stronger versions of Pokemon that are somewhat hidden and spread across the map of Paldea. After you defeat each one, you'll get some Herba Mystica, which is used to power up your companion Pokemon Koraidon/Miraidon. These Titan Pokemon can be defeated in any order, but we've listed them in the recommended order based on difficulty.

Note: this page is under construction. Information is being added daily and is subject to change as we find out more information about the game.

Stony Cliff Titan - Klawf

Pokemon: Klawf
Level: 16
Type: Rock
Location: South Province Area Three

You will see a giant Klawf clinging to the side of the mountain. This is the Titan Pokemon we are looking for. It's a Rock-type so if you don't have a solid Grass or Water-type already, it might be smart to catch and train one of the Makuhita around here. You should have at least one Pokemon in the Lv. 20 range before heading into this. As you approach it, it will scurry up higher on the cliff. You'll want to follow it by using the nearby path. When you approach it again, you will engage in a battle.

Go ahead and battle the Titan Klawf like you would any other Pokemon. It doesn't have a level you can see, but rather an extra large HP bar. However, it does have a hidden level of 16. When you lower its HP enough, it will drop down off the cliff. Follow it down here (you can just jump off after it) and another cutscene will play where Arven shows up. You'll need to battle it once more.

This time around Klawf is a little more powerful, but you'll also have Arven's help. This would also be a great time to Terastallize if you have it available. If you Terastallize and use a Grass, Water, or Fighting-type move, you should be able to do some heavy damage. Be careful because Klawf's ability increases his Attack once he gets low on health.

After you defeat the Titan, you'll venture into a cave with Arven. Inside you'll find the Sweet Herba Mystica. This seemingly is what gives the Titan Pokemon their power. Arven will also give you the Titan Badge that he made. He'll also make you a sandwich, but you should gives some to Koraidon/Miraidon. When you do, they will gain the ability to dash around quickly. A small cutscene will play with Arven and you'll get a call from Professor Sada explaining this new dash ability.

Open Sky Titan - Bombirdier

Pokemon: Bombirdier
Level: 20
Type: Flying
Location: West Province Area One

There are large boulders rolling down the hill in this area. Hop on Koraidon/Miraidon and dodge them as you climb up. If you take a detour to the left about half way through you can follow the grassy area to find TM130 - Helping Hand. Continue heading up the mountain and once you get to the switchback you'll be bombarded by Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan.

Bombirdier is a Flying and Dark-type Pokemon. This means Electric, Fairy, or Rock-types would suit you well. It's level is hidden, but it is secretly level 20. When you've come close to defeating the Titan, it will flee into a nearby cave. Arven will then appear and you can challenge Bombirdier again, this time with Arven's help. Remember that you can terastallize to pack an extra punch.

After you win this second battle, you'll enter the cave with Arven. Inside you'll find the Bitter Herba Mystica. Arven will once again whip up a sandwhich for you, and you'll also get the Titan Badge (Flying). During the next cutscene, you'll be forced to share some of your sandwhich with Koraidon/Miraidon. Luckily, this will give them a power up that lets them swim across water. In the next cutscene, Arven's motivation for seeking out the Herba Mystica is revealed: he's trying to save his partner Pokemon. After the emotional scene is over, you'll get a call from Professor Sada reiterating your new ability to move across water.

Lurking Steel Titan - Orthworm

Pokemon: Orthworm
Level: 29
Type: Steel
Location: East Province Area Three

More information coming soon.

Quaking Earth Titan - Great Tusk / Iron Treads

Pokemon Scarlet

Pokemon: Great Tusk
Level: 45
Type: Ground / Fighting
Location: Asado Desert

Pokemon Violet

Pokemon: Iron Treads
Level: 45
Type: Ground / Steel
Location: Asado Desert

More information coming soon.

Fake Titan - Dondozo & Tatsugiri

First Battle

Pokemon: Dondozo
Level: 56
Type: Water
Location: Casseroya Lake

Second Battle

Pokemon: Tatsugiri
Level: 57
Type: Dragon / Water
Location: Casseroya Lake

More information coming soon.

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