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Rainbow Cloud

Rainbow Cloud

You’ll notice that there is only one Pokemon in this stage, that being Mew. This stage could be seen as the unofficial boss battle of the entire game. There are 2 ways to get a decent picture of Mew, one being better than the other but also much harder. I will be going through both later.

Mew’s most common action is to hover in front of the Zero One and go back and forth. The only thing you can do here is spam pester balls at it until you hit the force field. Do this three times and Mew will resort to floating towards you on either the right or the left. Once again, hit Mew with a pester ball whenever the chance arises. After about 3 more times, the force field will break off and allow you to get an actual photograph of Mew

Now, the easiest way is to simply photograph Mew as it runs after the force field. If you do this, wait until you’ve broken the force field multiple times as Mew will look back at you allowing for a straight forward shot. It will only do this once though, so I do not recommend this method.

The hardest way is to hit Mew with pester balls over and over again as she chases her force field until she is right in front of you. Wait a second and she will turn around and make a pose allowing for the best but trickiest shot in the game. Done correctly, this shot will equal about 10,000 points, the highest value in the entire game.

Once the course is done and you’ve selected your best picture of Mew (and if you’ve gotten all the other Pokemon) the credits will roll, so sit back, and enjoy. You’ve earned it!

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