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Pokemon X & Y Gym Leaders

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kalos! A new generation brings uncharted terrain and unforeseen challenges. The Pokemon X and Y Gym Leaders are no exception, you may find yourself in front of a brick wall when facing them. This Gym Leaders guide for Pokémon X and Y will give you the information and advice you need to defeat them with ease

Gym #1 Satalune Gym - Leader Viola

Viola Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Viola
Type Bug
Rewards: Bug Badge | TM83 - Infestation

#1 Surskit


Type: Bug Water
Lv. 10
Bubble Water
Water Sport Water
Quick Attack Normal

#2 Vivillon


Type: BugFlying
Lv. 12
Harden Normal
Tackle Normal
Infestation Bug


If you chose Fennekin as your starting companion, you’ll have no trouble with this gym. However, Surskit resists fire with it’s dual Bug/Water typing. Luckily, a Pikachu can be caught in Santalune Forest. If you didn’t choose Fennekin in favour of Chespin or Froakie, no worries, Pansear can also be caught in Santalune Forest. Overall, Viola isn’t terribly hard, she’s only the first gym leader after all. If you’re worried, bring along plenty of potions.

Gym #2 Cyllage Gym - Leader Grant

Grant Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Grant
Type Rock
Rewards: Rumble Badge | TM98 - Power-Up Punch

#1 Tyrunt


Type: Rock Dragon
Lv. 25
Bite Dark
Rock Tomb Rock
Stomp Normal

#2 Amaura


Type: RockIce
Lv. 25
Thunder Wave Electric
Rock Tomb Rock
Aurora Beam Ice
Take Down Normal


Fighting type will make short work of Grant’s Pokemon, especially Amaura who suffers from a quad weakness due to it’s Rock/Ice typing. Luckily, Mienfoo can be caught on Route 8 shortly before Ambrette town. Water and Grass can become useful, but bear in mind that Amaura won’t be weak to Water and it’s ability turns Normal moves into Ice type, so Grass can be at a disadvantage.

Gym #3 Shalour Gym - Leader Korrina

Korrina Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Korinna
Type Fighting
Rewards: Cliff Badge | TM39 - Rock Tomb

#1 Mienfoo


Type: Fighting
Lv. 29
Fake Out Normal
Double Slap Normal
Power-up Punch Fighting

#2 Hawlucha


Type: FightingFlying
Lv. 32
Hone Claws Dark
Flying Press Fighting
Power-up Punch Fighting

#3 Machoke


Type: Fighting
Lv. 28
Rock Tomb Rock
Power-up Punch Fighting
Leer Normal


Unfortunately, she doesn’t use Lucario like earlier (not yet anyway, hint hint). If you picked up Fennekin and have fully evolved it to Delphox by the time you’re here, this gym is a doddle. Flying types can also come in handy, even against Hawlucha, who still receives double damage from Flying despite being part Flying itself. A Sigilyph can be caught on Route 10 for dual Psychic/Flying if you fancy it.

Gym #4 Courmaline Gym - Leader Ramos

Ramos Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Ramos
Type Grass
Rewards: Grass Badge | TM86 - Grass Knot

#1 Jumpluff


Type: GrassFlying
Lv. 30
Bullet Seed Grass
Acrobatics Flying
Leech Seed Grass

#2 Gogoat


Type: Grass
Lv. 34
Bulldoze Ground
Grass Knot Grass
Take Down Normal

#3 Weepinbell


Type: GrassPoison
Lv. 31
Grass Knot Grass
Poison Powder Poison
Acid Poison
Gastro Acid Poison


Fire will make short work of this gym. Fennekin users will be pleased at this. Likewise, if you picked Charmander from Professor Sycamore you’ll have no worries here at all. Ice moves can be useful if you happen to lack Fire, and Amaura/Aurorus is most likely your best bet at this point, but be warned as it is weak to Grass. Flying Pokemon can also be very effective against Ramos, and there has been plenty of choice up to now to have picked one up.

Gym #5 Lumiose Gym - Leader Clemont

Clemont Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Clemont
Type Electric
Rewards: Voltage Badge | TM24 - Thunderbolt

#1 Emolga


Type: ElectricFlying
Lv. 35
Volt Switch Electric
Quick Attack Normal
Aerial Ace Flying

#2 Magneton


Type: ElectricSteel
Lv. 35
Thunderbolt Electric
Electric Terrain Electric
Mirror Shot Steel

#3 Heliolisk


Type: ElectricNormal
Lv. 37
Thunderbolt Electric
Quick Attack Normal
Grass Knot Grass


Much like Elesa from the past generation of games, Clemont packs a pesky Emolga who’s immune to Ground. Fortunately, Grant gives you Rock Tomb which can pick off the flying squirrel fairly easily. Route 13 prior to revisiting Lumiose City is packed full of Ground types as well, so you have no shortage of choice there.

Gym #6 Laverre Gym - Leader Valerie

Valerie Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Valerie
Type Fairy
Rewards: Fairy Badge | TM99 - Dazzling Gleam

#1 Mawile


Type: SteelFairy
Lv. 38
Feint Attack Dark
Crunch Dark
Iron Defense Steel

#2 Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime

Type: PsychicFairy
Lv. 39
Light Screen Psychic
Reflect Psychic
Psychic Psychic
Dazzling Gleam Fairy

#3 Sylveon


Type: Fairy
Lv. 42
Dazzling Gleam Fairy
Quick Attack Normal
Swift Normal
Charm Fairy


If Valerie’s eyes don’t creep you out, her variety of Pokémon might instead. She’s got a surprising mix, Mawile being her wall with Steel type blocking off many other types. Mr. Mime being part Psychic is interesting too. If you happen to have a poison type, or someone who can learn TM09 - Venoshock, which could be picked up on Route 6 much earlier, then you stand a good chance of success. Fire types can make short work of Mawile, being the wall here. Sylveon is fairly specially defensive, so hit it with physical attacks if you lack Poison.

Gym #7 Anistar Gym - Leader Olympia

Olympia Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Olympia
Type Psychic
Rewards: Psychic Badge | TM04 - Calm Mind

#1 Sigilyph


Type: PsychicFlying
Lv. 44
Psychic Psychic
Air Slash Flying
Light Screen Psychic
Reflect Psychic

#2 Slowking


Type: WaterPsychic
Lv. 45
Psychic Psychic
Calm Mind Psychic
Power Gem Rock
Yawn Normal

#3 Meowstic


Type: Psychic
Lv. 48
Psychic Psychic
Calm Mind Psychic
Fake Out Normal
Shadow Ball Ghost


Surprisingly, two of her Pokemon are weak to Electric attacks, meaning you might not have to worry about Dark types much at all. Thunderbolt comes in very useful here (and much later too), so make use of it! If you lack an Electric type or someone who can learn Thunderbolt, Dark or Ghost are your best bets. Haunter could be caught on Route 14 and if you’re playing X Mightyena lurk on Route 15. A solid STAB boosted Crunch will be devastating against Meowstic, who favours offence over defense.

Gym #8 Snowbelle Gym - Leader Wulfric

Wulfric Pokemon X Y

Leaders: Wulfric
Type Ice
Rewards: Iceberg Badge | TM13 - Ice Beam

#1 Abomasnow


Type: GrassIce
Lv. 56
Ice Beam Ice
Ice Shard Ice
Energy Ball Grass

#2 Cryogonal


Type: Ice
Lv. 55
Ice Beam Ice
Confuse Ray Ghost
Flash Cannon Steel
Hail Ice

#3 Avalugg


Type: Ice
Lv. 59
Avalanche Ice
Crunch Dark
Curse Ghost
Gyro Ball Steel


It’s no secret that Wulfric’s Pokemon have a severe weakness to Fire, especially Abomasnow. Ice/Grass isn’t the best type against Fire, suffering four times damage to it. Delphox/Charizard owners are in for an easy ride, a shame for the last gym leader. If you lack Fire, however, Fighting type is very solid against Ice, even Rock and Steel if you happen to possess them. Be warned with Rock types though, Ice also deals super effective damage to you.

Congratulations on defeating the Pokémon X and Y Gym Leaders! You're now ready to take on the Elite Four!


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