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Chapter 6: Canalave City Gym

Part 6: Canalave City Gym

Route 218

After you exit the Hearthome City Gym, Cynthia will appear and advise you to check out the library in Canalave City. Now that we can use surf, we'll be able to reach that city. Start by flying over to Jubilife City. From there, head west onto Route 218.

You'll run into a large body of water pretty soon after getting to the route. Now that we can surf, this isn't a problem. Start off by surfing to the corner to the right where you can find a Rare Candy. Now, surf west for a short distance to the next shore. If you talk to the boy here he'll give you some flora stickers. From here just head west to Canalave City.

Canalave City

The first thing to do here, as always, is heal up at the Pokémon Center. This is especially important now because as soon as you cross the bridge in town, it'll be time for another rival battle. He picked up another Pokémon since the last battle, a Heracross. His team will consist of a Lv. 32 Staravia, a Lv. 32 Heracross, a Lv. 33 Buizel/Roselia, a Lv. 34 Ponyta/Roselia, and a Lv. 35 evolved starter.

After the battle, we can actually head straight to the next gym if you're ready. It's right across the bridge. Just make sure to heal up afte the rival battle.

Canalave City Gym

This is a Steel-type gym. This makes your typing even more important, since Steel has so many resistances. Fire-types are your best bet, but you'll also want some Water or Fighting-type moves for one of the leader's Pokémon. You'll probably want your Pokémon to be in the upper 30s range.

The puzzle in this gym is a series of rising platforms you'll need to navigate. Head left and defeat the trainer here. Then take the yellow platform furthest to the right. Follow this path down and right to the next platform. Take that down and battle the trainer. Head left to the next platform and then take the platform over the gap. Take the next platform up and then head up over the gap. Take on the trainer here and then take the two platforms right across the gaps. Defeat another trainer here then follow the path of the platforms. There will be another green haired trainer, then follow the path to the red platform that takes you to the gym leader.

Byron is of course a Steel-typed specialist. He has a Lv. 36 Bronzor, a Lv. 36 Steelix, and a Lv. 39 Bastiodon. His Bronzor knows Trick Room, which lets slower Pokémon move first. If you let him get this move off it will probably effect the rest of the battle. Steelix and Bastiodon have the Sturdy ability and can't be OHKO'd. He will also fully heal his Bastiodon multiple times with potions if you let him. Make sure to have a Water or Fighting-type move for Bastiodon as he is not weak to Fire.

After winning the battle, you'll get the Mine Badge. You can now use Strength outside of battle via the Pokétch. All traded Pokémon up to Lv. 70 will now obey you. You will also get five copies of TM91 - Flash Cannon and Byron's stickers.


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