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Chapter 2: Eterna City Gym

Part 2: Eterna City Gym

Jubilife City

There are a couple things we can collect in Oreburgh City before moving on. Enter the building on the right above the mine and speak to the youngster at the table on the second floor. He'll give you a Great Ball. Above the gym there are two tall buildings. Enter the left and speak to a girl on the second floor to get a Dusk Ball. If you happen to have a Zubat, you can show it to a man in the second floor of the adjacent building to get a Heal Ball.

Now that we've picked up all the freebies, it's time to head back to Jubilife City. When you start heading that way, your rival will bump into you let you know Eterna City is where the next gym is. Continue left through the cave and back across Route 203 to the city. Heal up once you get here, and then head north.

You'll run into Professor Rowan on your way out. You'll then need to join up with Dawn in a double battle against two Team Galactic Grunts. They have a Lv. 9 Wurmple and a Lv. 9 Zubat. This is your first introduction to Team Galactic, the evil organization in Sinnoh that you'll learn more about later. After winning the battle, a woman named Bebe will give you access to your PC boxes from anywhere, a new feature in these remakes. You'll also get some Ball Capsules and the ability to decorate these balls with stickers.

Route 204

Head right at the start of this route to find a Paralyze Heal in the little fenced area. Continue forward on this route and you'll come across three optional trainer battles. Continue into the cave to north called Ravaged Cave. If you smash the rocks to the left here, you can find TM39 - Rock Tomb. Back on the right side you can pick up an Antidote. Then you can smash the rocks and exit the cave.

Route 204 continues on this side of the cave, and there are two more optional trainers and an Awakening up the stairs. A little further into the flower fields you'll run into your first double battle against Twins Liv and Liz and their two Lv. 9 Pachirisu. To the left of the flower fields here you can find TM09 - Bullet Seed. You can then continue north into Floaroma Town.

Floaroma Town

When you arrive in town, head to the Pokémon Center and heal up. There's something very exciting you can pick up if you have save data for Pokémon Sword/Shield and/or Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee on your system. If you have Sword/Shield save data, you can speak to the man in the flower field to the left to get a Lv. 1 Jirachi. If you have Let's Go save data, you can speak to the woman next to him to get a Lv. 1 Mew.

If you speak to girl next to Clefairy in the house near the Pokémon Center, you'll get three copies of TM88 - Pluck. You can pick several berries from the trees outside the flower shop. Inside you can speak to the woman on the left to get the Sprayduck watering can. This can be used to water berries that you plant in soft soil (like the spots in front of this building). Another woman inside will give you a Chesto Berry.

Valley Windworks

After picking up the goodies, head east of town onto Route 205. Here you'll find some more berries and then run into a girl that asks you to save her papa from the nearby Valley Windworks. Continue to the right and pick up the Potion in the corner. Then you'll need to defeat the Team Galactic Grunt and his Lv. 11 Glameow who is standing in front of the building. When you beat him he simply locks himself inside, so we'll still need to find the key.

Head back into town and you'll notice there are no longer grunts guarding an area in the northwest corner of the flower patch. Enter Floaroma Meadow here and you'll find two grunts harassing a man for some honey. You'll need to defeat both of the grunts here. When they leave, they'll leave behind a Works Key that you can pick up. You'll also get a jar of Honey for saving the man.

Heal up in town and then head back east to Route 205. Continue right to Valley Windworks and enter the building. Continue through the building and battle the two optional grunts if you'd like. In the room to the right is a Galactic Commander named Mars. She has a Lv. 14 Zubat and a Lv. 16 Purugly. The main thing to watch out for is that the Purugly is holding an Oran Berry that it will use to heal itself.

After defeating Commander Mars, the daughter we met earlier will be reunited with her papa. With Team Galactic out of the area, we can now explore the rest of Route 205. Heal in town first if you need to, then head north across the bridge where Team Galactic was blocking earlier.

Route 205

There is a tree to the left you can slather honey on if you'd like. There is another trainer you can battle here before climbing up to the rock ledge. Want on the ledge, you'll need to battle a hiker before picking up an X Attack. If you stay on the upper ledge you can battle several trainers and pick up a Repel.

In the lower area you can also battle a few trainers and pick up a Poké Ball, a Super Potion, and several berries. There is a house at the end of the area that you can rest in and heal your Pokémon. When you are ready, head north into the forest.

Eterna Forest

As soon as you enter the forest, a girl named Cheryl will ask you to guide her through it. When you run into wild Pokémon with her, it will be a double wild battle. Straight away to the left you can find an Antidote. Continue along the right side where there is a double battle waiting for you. Continue forward and pick up the Paralyze Heal along the way.

You'll come across another double battle against two Psychics. Head straight down to find a Great Ball in the corner of the tall grass. Continue to the right for yet another double battle with two bug catchers. To the right of this you can find a Potion on the ground. Continue north on the path and you'll find a jar of Honey on the left side of this next area. You can then exit the forest to the right.

On this new section of Route 205, you can collect some berries if you head to the right through the tall grass. On the bridge, there are a few fisherman you can battle. One of which has 6 Lv. 10 Magikarp. There is also a Potion that can be found south of the water here. Afterward, you can head east into Eterna City.

Eterna City Gym

When you get to Eterna City, you can head straight to the gym if you're ready. It's located in the south-east corner of the city. It's a Grass-type gym, so Fire or Flying type Pokémon or moves are recommended.

In this gym, you'll need to find and defeat all of other trainers in the gym before battling the Gym Leader, Gardenia. Each trainer in the gym is hidden behind a tree. The first is in the narrow area to the left of the leader's platform. The second is further down the path to the left past the boulders. The third is on the right side, hidden behind the three smaller trees. The fourth is at the end of the path to the right.

After defeating all four other trainers, you can battle the gym leader. If you have a Fire or Flying type above Lv. 20 you are probably ready for the battle. Gardenia has a Lv. 19 Cherubi, a Lv. 19 Turtwig, and a Lv. 22 Roserade. You'll want to be careful because her Pokémon are capable of both poisoning and paralyzing you.

After defeating Gardenia, you'll be rewarded with the Forest Badge, five copies of TM86 - Grass Knot, and Gardenia's stickers. Pokémon up to Lv. 30 will also obey you.


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