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Chapter 4: Pastoria City Gym

Part 4: Pastoria City Gym

Veilstone City

When you exit the Veilstone City Gym, Dawn will be waiting outside and ask for helping recovering her lost Pokédex. Head south and speak to the man in a suit outside the house nearby. He'll give you three copies of TM63 - Nasty Plot. Make your way north in town, stopping to heal up at the Pokémon Center along the way.

There is also the Veilstone Department Store you can check out along the way if you'd like. Nearly every item in the game can be purchased from this multi-story shop. You can speak to a lady on the second floor to get a Counter app for the Pokétch. On the third floor you can buy some pretty powerful TMs. On the top floor, you can speak to a man to get a free Sticky Barb.

After you've finished shopping, head to the northwest corner of town where you'll find Dawn. Join her in a double battle to help recover her Pokédex. After, head north and enter the Galactic Warehouse. Here you can find a copy of TM94 - Fly to the right. You'll now be able to use the Pokétch app to quickly fly to any city you've visited before. We want to head to the next gym, so go ahead and use it to fly to Hearthome City.

Route 212

From Hearthome City, head south onto Route 212. There are several policeman along this route that will only battle you at night. Continue south along the route and you'll pretty quickly come across the Pokémon Mansion. Here you can head to the Trophy Garden to catch a Pikachu or Pichu if you want. You can also get a Soothe Bell from a woman in a room to the left. In the room to the right, you'll also find a copy of TM87 - Swagger. Head back out to the route when you are finished.

Continue heading south along the route and you'll come to a new section where it's raining. Head east from here and you'll see several very narrow bridges. You can only cross these on your bike. Take the first one you come across to the right and it will lead to a copy of TM62 - Bug Buzz.

Continue to the right and you'll come across a section of the route covered in mud. You won't be able to bike through this mud and you'll sink a bit if you stay still. Navigate through it to a corner to the southeast where you can find a copy of TM06 - Toxic. There is an upper portion fo this route you can backtrack across after cutting down a series of trees, but it doesn't really lead to much. Instead, just continue east to Pastoria City.

Pastoria City

After you've healed up, the main thing to check out in this city before the gym is the Great Marsh. This is basically the Safari Zone of the Sinnoh region. It's located to the north of town. Pay the entrance fee to enter the Great Marsh. You can explore as much as you want and catch many different Pokémon here. But the main thing we are after right now is TM97 - Defog, which you can get three copies of by speaking to a green-haired lady near the entrance. This also registers it to your Pokétch app, but you won't be able to use it quite yet.

After you've had your fun at the Great Marsh, you can head straight for the gym. It's located on the west side of the city.

Pastoria City Gym

This is a Water-type gym. As such, strong Grass and Electric types will serve you well. There is a puzzle in this gym that involves pressing buttons to raise the water level. Start by heading down the middle and then going left and pressing the yellow button. Then, head down to the lowest floor and head north until you reach a green button you can press. Then head down and left and you can press a blue button after battling a sailor.

Head down and to the right, battling another two trainers along the way. Head up and press the green button, then head down and press the yellow button in the corner. Continue up and left and then climb the two staircases to the blue button near the sailor. There is now a path to the right straight to the gym leader.

The gym leader is the Water-type specialist Crasher Wake. He has a Lv. 27 Gyarados, a Lv. 27 Quagsire, and a Lv. 30 Floatzel. His Pokémon are the same level as the previous gym, so this battle should be fairly easy. The main thing to note is that Electric-type moves will not affect Quagsire, as it is part Ground-type.

After winning the battle, you'll receive the Fen Badge. You'll also get five copies of TM55 - Brine and Crasher Wake's stickers. You can also now use the HM Defog outside of battle via your Pokétch.


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