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Chapter 5: Hearthome City Gym

Part 5: Hearthome City Gym

Route 213

Make sure to heal up after exiting the Pastoria gym. Afterward, speak to the Galactic Grunt in the northern side of town. He'll be startled and run off east of the city. Speak to him a second time and he'll run off again. However, your rival will show up and be looking to battle. Depending on the starter you chose, he will have a Lv. 26 Starly, a Lv. 26 Buizel/Roselia, a Lv. 26 Ponyta/Roselia, and a Lv. 31 evolved starter.

After the rival battle, heal up again and then head out of town to the east onto Route 213. Head right past the grassy area and you'll come to a rock you can smash. Behind it you'll find TM40 - Aerial Ace. There is a house on the sand that you can enter and get a Footprint Ribbon from Dr. Footstep. A little further east on the beach here you'll run into the grunt once again, who will promptly run off again.

Continue east on the beach where you can battle a few more trainers. To the north is the Hotel Grand Lake. Pick up the Red Shard next to it and enter the hotel. Speak to the man at the desk to be healed. Then continue out the other side of the hotel to Valor Lakefront. In the northeast part of this little village you'll find the grunt again. Keep following him and he'll eventually be forced to battle you. He only has a Lv. 25 Glameow, so make quick work of him.

After the battle, you can find Cynthia straight ahead. She will give you the Secret Medicine, which you can use on the Psyduck that were blocking the route earlier. With this in hand, go ahead and fly to Solaceon Town and head north. When you get to the Psyducks, use the secret medicine on them. They will disperse and Cynthia will arive and ask you to deliver an Old Charm to her gandma in Celestic Town.

Route 210

Continue north on the now cleared Route 210. In the tall grass here, a trio of ninja trainers will be hiding the grass waiting to battle you. If you continue north into the next area, your screen will turn white because of the dense fog. Use the HM Defog here to clear up the screen. Pick up the goodies in this area and then head west through some more tall grass.

To the west on this route there are a series of staircases and bridges you'll need to navigate. There are also trainers all over the place, many of which you won't be able to avoid. If you take the series of very thin bike bridges you see you'll find a copy of TM30 - Shadow Ball. Keep heading west and you'll eventually arrive at Celestic Town.

Celestic Town

After healing up, head to the center of town where you'll find a Glactic Grunt. You'll need to defeat him in battle; he has a Lv. 25 Beautifly and a Lv. 27 Croagunk. After winning, Cynthia's grandma will approach you. After you give her the Old Charm, head inside the ruins directly next to you. Examine the cave paintings and Cynthia's grandma will come tell you some lore. She will also give you three copies of TM95 - Surf. This will also register Surf as a HM to your Pokétch.

However, because you can surf outside of battle you'll need to defeat the next gym. It's in Hearthome City, so exit the ruins and fly there. Make sure to heal up before heading to the gym in town. It's located east of the Pokémon Center.

Hearthome City Gym

Fantina and her gym specialize in Ghost-type Pokémon. Dark-types are your best bet, but other Ghost-type moves will also be super effective. The puzzle for this gym is actually just a series of basic math questions. If you get them all correct, you'll go directly to the gym leader. If you want some extra experience, you can get them wrong on purpose to battle some Ghost-type trainers. Here are the questions:

  1. 3 + 5 + 7 = 15 (right door)
  2. 12 + 28 = 40 (middle door)
  3. 3 x 13 = 39 (left door)
  4. First room's answer = 15 (right door)

Once you prove your math skills, you are ready to battle Fantina. She has a Lv. 32 Drifblim, a Lv. 34 Gengar, and a Lv. 36 Mismagius. Gengar's ability will disable the move you used to knock it out, so be careful about that. Otherwise the battle should be pretty manageable if your Pokémon are in the mid 30s levels with some Dark or Ghost-type moves.

As a reward for winning, you will receive the Relic Badge. It allows you to use Surf outside of battle. You will also get five copies of TM65 - Shadow Claw and Fantina's stickers.


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