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Chapter 7: Snowpoint City Gym

Part 7: Snowpoint City Gym

Canalave Library

After leaving the Canalave City Gym, you'll bump into your rival. He'll point you to the library, which is directly above the gym. Head inside and go up to the third floor. Here you'll find Professor Rowan and Dawn. The Professor wants you to investigate three mysterious Pokémon at three different lakes in Sinnoh. He wants you to go to Lake Valor first.

The best way to get to the lake is to fly to Pastoria City. Make sure to heal up while you are here, and then head east out of the city. We've navigated this Route 213 before, so it should be a quick and easy journey. Head across the beach and through the hotel. When you get to Valor Lakefront, head north and you can now enter through the trees where some grunts were blocking the path before.

Lake Valor

When you get to Lake Valor, you'll find the lake has been completely drained. There are many grunts hanging around in the drained that you can battle if you'd like. But you'll want to make your wave to the cave in the center of the lake. Here, you'll find Galactic Commander Saturn and you'll need to defeat them in battle. He ahs a Lv. 35 Kadabra, a Lv. 35 Bronzor, and a Lv. 37 Toxicroak. After the battle, the Commander will flee from the lake.

Lake Verity

We'll want to head to Lake Verity next, which is the lake we saw at the beginning of the game near Twinleaf Town. Fly over there and head north to Lake Verity. When you get there, you'll find the Professor and Dawn in trouble and you'll need to take out a series of Galactic Grunts in double battles.

After taking care of the grunts, you'll need to take on Galactic Commander Mars. She has a Lv. 37 Golbat, a Lv. 37 Bronzor, and Lv. 39 Purugly. After winning, Mars will deliver a rather ominous rant and then flee with the rest of Team Galactic. You'll now want to head over to Lake Acuity, but the journey to get there is a little longer than the other two lakes.

Mount Coronet

Start off by flying over to Celestic Town. Heal up here, and then head west out of town onto Route 211. This is a rather short route that is densely packed with trainers. The trainers here are pretty weak, so they probably aren't worth your time. Either way, enter the cave here to get inside Mount Coronet.

Inside, every path will be blocked by grey boulders. But now that we can use the HM Strength, they can be pushed out of the way. Start by taking the path left and pushing the boulders out of the way. This leads to a copy of TM69 - Rock Polish. If you haven't already, you can also exit the cave to the left towards Eterna City and follow the path down to pick up TM12 Taunt.

Head back to the cave entrance and take the path up this time. Move the boulder up and then smash the rocks to the left to reach a Rare Candy. Follow this path up and to the left and down a floor in the cave. It's very foggy down here, so use the HM Defog to clear it up. This floor of the cave is full of treasures you can find in item balls that you can reach using Rock Smash, Strength, and Surf around the water area. When you are done picking them up, head north where there is a staircase leading up a floor. You can then follow the path to exit the cave here.

Route 216

You'll find yourself on snowy Route 216. There will be ongoing hail for any battles you have on this route. There are a lot of different paths you can take, but there is basically an upper path along the bridges and a lower path on the ground. There are a few extra goodies to pick up if you stick to the upper path at first. Continue west and you'll find a little lodge that you can use to heal up if you need.

Continue west on the route after the lodge and the snow will start to get a little thicker. Keep going north past another trainer. You'll find yourself in a wide open, snowy field with many trainers and goodies to pick up. At the north end of the large field, you can enter a house and speak to the lady inside to get a Spell Tag.

In the northwest corner of the field is the exit that takes you on a path to Lake Acuity. However, when you get there you'll find some Galactic Grunts blocking the entrance. So continue east instead and you'll find yourself in Snowpoint City.

Snowpoint City Gym

There's not much to do in this town except taking on the next gym. So go ahead and heal up and enter the gym in the center of town when you are ready.

The Snowpoint City Gym is an Ice-type gym. Fire and Rock-types are good choices to bring along. The puzzle in this gym revolves around the slippery floor and snowballs along the path. If you pick up enough speed you can blast through the snowballs and clear the way. The main objective is to clear a path straight down the middle so that you can slide to the gym leader. The trick is to line yourself up against the pads and snowballs on the far left and right side of the room and come in at the snowballs along the center aisle from the side with a lot of speed.

Once you reach the gym leader, you'll find out her name is Candice. She is an Ice-type specialist of course. She has a Lv. 38 Snover, a Lv. 38 Sneasel, a Lv. 40 Medicham, and a Lv. 42 Abomasnow. You'll want to watch out as Sneasel and Abomasnow both know Ground-type moves that are super effective against Fire-types. Keep in mind it will also be hailing for this entire battle.

After winning, you'll receive the Icicle Badge, which allows you to use the HM Rock Climb outside of battle. You'll also receive five copies of TM72 - Avalanche and Candice's stickers.


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