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Part 10: Battle Frontier

After beating the Champion, fly to Snowpoint City and take a ship to the Battle Frontier. Once there, take on Volkner and Flint.

Leader Volkner and Elite Four Flint:

- Houndoom Lv 56

- Luxray Lv 56

- Magmortar Lv 58

- Electivire Lv 58

- Flareon Lv 56

- Jolteon Lv 56

After you defeat them, Barry was going into the Battle Frontier before he is run into by another man. Barry is shooken up but he look up and smiles as he noticed his father Tower Tycoon Palmer. After Barry and Palmer run off, a man named Buck will talk to you and ask you to come to the Survival Area or Stark Mountain to train.

First off, return to Sendoff Spring and head into Turnback Cave. Use Defog to blow away the fog and read the stone wall. You have 30 tries to find the proper path to where Giratina was in Diamond and Pearl. Here, instead, you will find a Rare Bone and another portal into Distortion World. When you jump into Distortion World follow around in the world to find the Griseous Orb. This orb is to be wielded by Giratina. Not only does it power up Ghost and Dragon type moves, it changes Giratina into its Origin Forme, the snake-like form we dealt with earlier. Taking the item off reverts it back to its Altered Forme.

Now let's get two very important legendaries: Dialga and Palkia. Fly to Celestic Town and listen to Cynthia's grandmother to learn how to bring Dialga and Palkia back. Head back up Mt. Coronet from Oreburgh City. In the first screen where you see snow, head east and north and head into the cave here. Ride up the waterfall here and go into the cave and grab the Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb here, as well as the Stone Plate. Now head back up to Spear Pillar and touch one of the Portals to summon the specific Legendary Pokemon and then capture them.

After capturing Dialga and Palkia, fly to Eterna City and head until Eterna Forest. Cut the trees and enter the Old Chateau. Head to the north part of the house and save in front of the TV. At night, touch the TV to let out Rotom and capture it!

After filling up your Pokedex, head to Sandgem Town and talk to Professor Rowan. Professor Oak will appear and then upgrade your Pokedex to National Mode, allowing us to capture the rest of the Legendaries we can get as well as get to the other areas on the Battle Frontier island. Also, Professor Rowan will give you the Poke Radar which will allow you to find and chain Pokemon to help catch shiny Pokemon (see the Poke Radar page for more details).

Head to the southern shore of Sandgem Town and surf toward Route 221 and head to Pal Park and talk to Oak. Once you have you can transfer Pokemon from Generation III (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen) to Platinum. Now head back to Eterna and head to the house west of the Gym and talk to Oak. You will find out that Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are flying around Sinnoh! So go and capture them!

Now fly to Canalave City and head into the nearby house next to the ship and you will see a boy thrashing about in his sleep due to a nightmare caused by Darkrai. Head to the boat to Fullmoon Island and interact with Cresslia to get the Lunar Wing. Cure the boy and now try to find Cresslia, who roams around Sinnoh.

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