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Part 4: Veilstone Gym

With the Relic Badge in tow, heal up and head to the southeast gate and be prepared to fight Barry again.


- Staravia

- Buizel

- Roselia

- Monferno

Once you beat him, heal if need be and then head east to Route 209. Talk to the Fisherman near the gate to Hearthome and he will give you the Good Rod; use it to fish up some Water-type Pokemon! Now head east and north to Solaceon Town.

In Solaceon Town there is a Daycare Center. If you leave a male and female of the same egg group, you will get a baby Pokemon (see the Breeding Page for more information). There is house in the middle of the forest to the east. Talk to the woman inside to get the Seal Case. Now you can decorate your Pokeballs with seals! The only downside is that you can't deposit a Pokemon with a custom seal, so you need to unequip the seal on the Pokeball to deposit them. Anyways, seals are used in Contests to up your personal look and get the audience interested in your Pokemon. Otherwise it's good fashion in Pokemon battles.

Head to Solaceon Ruins to get Defog. Once inside, read the back wall which says: "Top Right, Lower Left, Top Right, Top Left, Top Left, Lower Left" in Unown Script. Now head down the stairs in that path and you will enter a room that contains a Nugget, HM05 Defog, a Mind Plate, and an Odd Incense. You can look around this area for the Thunderstone, Water Stone, and Fire Stone which are needed to evolve certain Pokemon. You can also find Unown here, which you should capture to get some additional decorative seals for your Pokeball.

Head back to Route 209 and head up the Lost Tower, teaching Defog to one of your flying types on your team. Once you reach the top you will be given the Cleanse Tag and the Spell Tag.

Head up to Route 210 and defeat the trainers here for some experience. Now head to the Cafe Cabin and beat the trainers here. Purchase some Moo Moo Milk here for $500 a piece (buy a couple dozen). It's cheaper and most cost effective to buy Moo Moo Milk than it is to buy Super Potions or even Hyper Potions, so you better stock up. Now head to Route 215 and head east to Veilstone City.

Heal up at the Pokemon Center in Veilstone and battle the reporters there if you want to. While you are here, you can go to Veilstone Department Store to buy some things. Also if you have the Pokemon Deoxys in your party, you can change it's forme by touching the Meteors on the east side of town.

Go to the Veilstone Gym by heading to the south and then west and north. You will meet with Lucas and then meet Crasher Wake. Now head into the Gym and defeat the Fighting-type trainers inside. Psychic-types like Ralts and Kirlia are good as well as Flying-types like Staravia. Ghost-types like Gastly won't take damage against Fighting-types either. Push the punching bags around to open ways to new areas and to the Gym Leader, Maylene.


- Meditite:

   • Rock Tomb

   • Drain Punch

   • Confusion

- Machoke:

   • Rock Tomb

   • Karate Chop

- Lucario

   • Drain Punch

   • Metal Claw

   • Force Palm

   • Bonemerang

Once defeated she will present you with the Cobble Badge which will allow you to use HM Fly. You will also get TM60 - Drain Punch. Onwards to the next gym!

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