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Part 7: Snowpoint Gym

Now that we have the Mine Badge, exit the gym and heal up, then head for the Canalave Library and then you will have a talk with Professor Rowan. Lucas will be sent to Lake Verity, while Barry will be sent to Lake Acuity which is to the far north. You will be sent to Lake Valor. Once you are sent with your mission, a terrible earthquake rocks the entire region of Sinnoh. There was an explosion at Lake Valor!

Fly to Pastoria and head to Lake Valor. There will be a lot of Team Galactic grunts, so take them all out. Now head into the cave they opened up in order to fight and defeat Galactic Commander Saturn.

Commander Saturn:

- Golbat Lv 38

- Bronzor Lv 38

- Toxicroak Lv 40

When you have defeated him fly to Twinleaf Town and talk to your mom to heal up. Head to Lake Verity and defeat the Galactic grunts here and then defeat Galactic Commander Mars.

Commander Mars:

- Golbat Lv 38

- Bronzor Lv 38

- Purugly Lv 40

After defeating Mars, surf to the southwest part of the lake to find TM38 - Fire Blast. Now we need to head up north. Fly to Celestic Town and heal up, then head west to Route 211 into Mt. Coronet. Once inside, head north and push the boulder north, then follow north and west and go down to a room full of fog. Use Defog to get rid of the fog and continue your way through to get to route 216. Navigate the snowy paths, defeating trainers in your way and make your way to Route 217. Head for the northwest until you view a house with a Hiker inside; talk to him to find out he lost an HM. Behind his house in the snow is HM08 - Rock Climb. Talk to the man inside the house and show him HM08 in order to get an Icicle Plate. Search around in the snow for more items like TM07- Hail. Once you get to Snowpoint City you can find a Rare Candy to the east of the gym.

In northwest Snowpoint City you can find another Move Tutor who will teach you moves depending on the shards you give him. The moves and their shard costs are listed as such below:

• Snore (2 Red, 4 Yellow, 2 Green)

• Spite (8 Yellow)

• Helping Hand (2 Red, 4 Yellow, 2 Green)

• Synthesis (2 Yellow, 6 Green)

• Magnet Rise (2 Blue, 4 Yellow, 2 Green)

• Last Resort (8 Green)

• Swift (2 Blue, 2 Yellow, 4 Green)

Once you enter the Snowpoint Gym, you will notice it is covered in ice and you see giant snow boulders. You need to clear the boulders by slipping down the slopes at a fast speed in order to proceed in the gym. The snow covered tiles are stops placed in to help navigate the gym. Once you navigate the gym, you will come face-to-face with the Ice-type Gym Leader, Candice.

Gym Leader Candice:

- Sneasel Lv 40

   • Faint Attack

   • Slash

   • Ice Shard

   • Aerial Ace

- Piloswine Lv 40

   • Earthquake

   • Hail

   • Stone Edge

   • Avalanche

- Abomasnow Lv 42

   • Focus Blast

   • Avalanche

   • Wood Hammer

   • Water Pulse

- Froslass Lv 44

   • Double Team

   • Psychic

   • Blizzard

   • Shadow Ball

When Candice is defeated she will give you the Icicle Badge. This allows you to use HM 08- Rock Climb outside of battle. Candice will alao give you TM72- Avalanche. Now head to the next part!

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