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Part 9: Pokemon League

We have all eight badges now, but that doesn't mean we beat the game yet! Heal up and head to the northside of town and Barry will say that he'll catch up to your strength. Jasmine, a gym leader from Johto who is visiting, felt happy that you and Barry got along and will give you HM07 - Waterfall as a gift. Now head north to Route 223 and defeat the trainers there. After, heal up and take on Victory Road. Navigate the long cavern and you will reach the Pokemon League! Heal up right away and step under the Ace Trainer blocking your way and Barry will confront you!

Barry (If you chose Turtwig as your starter)

- Staraptor Lv 48

- Snorlax Lv 49

- Floatzel Lv 47

- Roserade Lv 47

- Heracross Lv 48

- Infernape Lv 51

After defeating him, take on the Elite Four! The Elite Four specialize in Bug, Ground, Fire, and Psychic-types. Cynthia, the Champion, has no type specific team, so you best be wary. Do try and have your team at least level 55 but 60 is preferred.

Here is the team I, Izagar, used:

- Staraptor

- Floatzel

- Lucario

- Torterra

- Gardevoir

- Giratina

Elite Four Aaron:

- Yanmega Lv 49

- Drapion Lv 53

- Heracross Lv 51

- Vespiquen Lv 50

- Scizor Lv 49

Aarob specializes in Bug Type Pokemon. All but Drapion are part Bug-type Pokemon. Fire and Flying attacks would work wonders in this battle while Drapion can be manhandled with an Earthquake from a strong enough Pokemon. Drapion is his strongest Pokemon and also the most annoying, so be sure to take him out.

Elite Four Bertha:

- Whiscash Lv 50

- Gliscor Lv 53

- Golem Lv 52

- Rhyperior Lv 55

- Hippowdon Lv 52

Bertha is a master of Ground-type Pokemon. Grass and Water types would be recommended in this battle. However, focus on using a Water-type like Floatzel and have it use Surf on Rhyperior. Not only does Rhyperior have strong defense, it also has Megahorn, a bug type attack that sends Grass-types screaming. Gliscor also only receives x1 damage from grass attacks thanks to its Flying type, but it also is weak to Water and Ice-type attacks. Just be sure to use the right types and Bertha will be easy to defeat.

Elite Four Flint

- Houndoom Lv 52

- Infernape Lv 55

- Flareon Lv 55

- Rapidash Lv 53

- Magmortar Lv 57

Flint's team is comprised of Fire-types that react well to their own Sunny Day mix. Water-types should be of a high level and be quick to stop the Fire-types from using Sunny Day. A high level Floatzel and Gastrodon should be used in this battle. Alternatively, bring in a Rock-type like Rhydon to run everything over with Earthquake and Stone Edge or Rock Slide. Flint should go down easily if you do this.

Elite Four Lucian

- Mr. Mime Lv 53

- Espeon Lv 55

- Bronzong Lv 54

- Alakazam Lv 56

- Gallade Lv 59

Lucian is the most powerful of the Elite Four and controls the Psychic-type. Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon would be best for this battle with a Fire-type helping against Bronzong. His most powerful Pokemon is Gallade, so a powerful Giratina would be good against him as a single Shadow Force should take out Gallade.

Champion Cynthia:

- Spiritomb Lv 58

- Lucario Lv 60

- Togekiss Lv 60

- Garchomp Lv 62

- Milotic Lv 58

- Roserade Lv 58

Cynthia is a tough trainer and that is not surprising since she is the Champion. Use Lucario's Foresight on Spiritomb to cancel it's Ghost-type immunities and then use Aura Sphere to damage it. When her own Lucario comes out, Earthquake it till it dies. Use Giratina as a wall for against Togekiss, Garchomp, and Milotic and just keep healing, using Giratina's Pressure as a means to use up all their super effective moves against Giratina. Finally, take out Roserade with a flying, fire, or ice type attack and you will have beat her!

After she is defeated, you will be recorded in the Hall of Fame. Congrats on beating the Champion! Now go and take on the Battle Frontier!

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