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Part 8: Sunyshore Gym

Once you have defeated Candice, heal up and head to Lake Acuity. Use Rock Climb to head up, but head to the right to grab the Reaper Cloth. Now head into the lake to see that Barry was defeated by Commander Jupiter. Surf to the northeast part of the lake to find TM14 - Blizzard.

Fly back to Veilstone City and head towards Team Galactic's Headquarters at the northernmost section of town. Talk to the Team Galactic grunt outside of the building and he will say he doesn't know of any Storage Key, but Looker will appear and say he has the key. Now head to the Warehouse and let Looker go on ahead. Take the Dusk Stone and head down the stairs.

In the basement, fight the trainers here and proceed up the stairs. Now head to the first set of warp panels you see here and take the right one to get to a storage room containing TM49 - Snatch. Return back to the previous room and head to the left panel and continue it's path and go up the stairs.

On 2F, take the warp panel and go down some stairs, then defeat a Scientist to get the Dubious Disc behind him. Continue down the stairs to the basement and pick up TM36 - Sludge Bomb and the Galactic Key. Use the Galactic Key to open the rooms. The Galactic Grunt nearby graciously tells you how to get to the meeting hall where Cyrus will be. Open the door for an easy way back, then head up to 3F, defeating the Galactic grunts in your way and open the door here to get TM21- Frustration.

Heal back up the Veilstone Pokemon Center and then head back to the main entrance to the Headquarters of Team Galactic. Go up the stairs near the receptionist and defeat the grunts in your way. Now head over to the table with the statue plates report on it to read it.

"The creation of Dialga, the giver of time... In laughter, there is tears... And likewise it is with time. The same time flows on. For it is the blessing of Dialga."

"The birth of Palkia. The creator of parallel dimensions... Alive, yet not alive... Everything drifts in space... To arrive in the same universe. It is a blessing of Palkia."

Dialga, the pokemon of time and Palkia the pokemon of space. It seems like Galactic needs these two Pokemon for their plans!

Take the warp panel to the southwest of that report and follow the path to a Max Revive. Head back to the report and take the warp panel to the northeast of the report to find a Green Shard. Head into the break room and use the warp pad to arrive in the meeting room to hear Cyrus speak. He will say how the world is incomplete and he wants to change it and rallies the team before he leaves. Looker comments that the man has a lot of respect for someone who is only 27 years of age.

Head to the west and take the warp point to another point of the area. Hop into the right bed to get a Poké Doll, then fall asleep in the bed to heal up. Head up the stairs and defeat more grunts and then you will find three warp panels. Take the middle to find a Max Elixer. Take the right to find a hidden Protein. Finally take the left one and you will come up to Cyrus. The man will state that the entire speech was a lie and he only wants to create a world that is for himself and himself only as emotions are worthless. Prepare to battle him!

Galactic Boss Cyrus:

- Sneasel Lv44

- Crobat Lv 44

- Honchkrow Lv 46

After he is defeated, he gives you a Master Ball, a Pokeball that captures any Pokemon without fail; DON'T WASTE IT YET!! He'll show you where to save the Lake Trio Pokemon before going off to the top of Mt. Coronet. Follow the pathway and fight and defeat Commander Saturn.

Commander Saturn

- Golbat Lv 42

- Bronzor Lv 42

- Toxicroak Lv 44

Return back to Cyrus' room and take the green panel out. Fly to Oreburgh City and heal up and then head to Mt. Coronet. Head to the northeast part of the room you couldn't get to and use Rock Climb to climb up. Climb upwards to the top of the mountain, defeat Galatic grunts and wild Pokemon alike. This is a place you can capture the dark-type Absol, so I suggest capturing one for the Elite Four.

Now head up the mountain. When you appear outside for the first time and notice the snow here, head east, north, and then west through the grass and continue this path to the top of Mt. Coronet. Defeat all the grunts and then take on Commander Mars and Jupiter along with Barry.

Commanders Mars and Jupiter:

- Bronzor Lv 44

- Bronzor Lv 44

- Golbat Lv 44

- Golbat Lv 44

- Skunktank Lv 46

- Purugly Lv 46

After the duo, Barry heals your Pokemon and Cyrus summons Dialga and Palkia using the Red Chain he crafted from the Lake Trio as well as a Red Chain he made from science. This controls the two god Pokemon making them start the beginning of a new universe. However, with both god Pokemon appearing at the same time, a third one appears from another realm, only able to take a shadowy form. It snatches Cyrus and takes him into the depths of a new world, Distortion World. Cynthia appears and mentions how that that world is distorting their own world and if the portal wasn't closed, both the Pokemon world and Distortion world would crumble.

Before jumping into the portal, you want to stock up on Ultra Balls, Timer Balls (buy at Snowpoint), Hyper Potions, heal items, etc. Better to be safe than sorry.

Jump into the portal and head west, touching the switch on the rock platform to head down. Head west and jump on the rock and head to the next area by following Mespirit. Now head down and head north to a platform with four switches. Hit the north one to go forward and then jump onto the rock that Cynthia is on. Talk to her and she will say the legend of Giratina has been forgotten by most but a few people saying there was another world parallel to this one...but she questions why Giratina was all alone here.

Continue forward to the next platform and jump the platforms going right, right, down, left, up (which goes down), right, and center (goes down). Now head down and Cyrus will come up to you and say that Giratina left him there and went further down into the realm. He wonders if it was content will just stopping his plan before he asks if you know about genes and goes into detail about it. He says the real world and Distortion World are two sides of the same strand of DNA and that Distortion World acts as a balancer to the real world and that Giratina acts as the balance between the two worlds. Cyrus then says that he will defeat Giratina in order to make Distortion World crumble so he can continue making his world.

Now head down and right and up and jump onto the platform to the one to the right. Head right, down and jump to the next platform and head right again. Step on the switch here in order to head down once more. Now head left into the "forest" and Uxie will appear. Push the boulder down to where Uxie went. Jump to the platform to the south to head down and push the boulder into the hole that Uxie is nearby.

Head to the south and you will find Cynthia who will state that the entire world is a giant puzzle and you cannot proceed any further without solving the puzzle. The Lake Trio seem to be interested in helping us, so let's find the next boulder to push.

Ride the platform up again and push the boulder into the hole that Mespirit went down into. Now head to the left and go down and right and ride the platform up (yes, up). Now head to the left and go through the forest maze and Giratina will fly over you, as if to watch you. Continue onwards and ride another platform up and then go left and immediately down and then right and go down a platform to the platform Cyrus is on. Talk to him and he will continue. Continue onwards and Giratina will fly past you again. Now continue onwards onto the platforms and surf the water and surf down the inverted waterfall (waterrise? Hah!). This will lead you to a boulder where Azelf appears, so push it down that hole.

Jump down and push the two boulders to where Mespirit and Azelf are to continue. After, the Lake Trio disappears, having done all they can do. Jump down the platform and save as you will be immediately confronted by Cyrus who will battle you.

Galactic Boss Cyrus

- Houndoom Lv 45

- Gyarados Lv 46

- Weavile Lv 48

- Honchkrow Lv 47

- Crobat Lv 46

Cyrus will state that by defeating Giratina, you will inherit Cyrus' legacy of destroying both worlds before he walks off. Cynthia will heal your Pokemon and then bring you towards Giratina, stating that everything has a purpose and now your purpose of saving both worlds is at hand. Save before you get up to Giratina. Move a normal-type Pokemon to the front of your party as to counteract Giratina's type. Now save and battle!

Giratina Lv 47

Now to capture the legendary Pokemon Giratina. Only one exists in the game, so don't kill it! This Ghost/Dragon-Type Pokemon knows Ominous Wind, Shadow Force, Ancient Power and Dragon Claw. Giratina has a capture rate of 3 compared to Dialga and Palkia's 30. SAVE YOUR MASTER BALL FOR ROAMING POKEMON LATER IN THE GAME. ***UNLESS IT IS SHINY, THEN DO SO***.

On the first turn, use a Quick Ball to bring it's capture rate to about 15%. After the first turn, quick balls become Pokeballs in terms of Catch Rate. Widdle it's health down to red and paralyze it or put it to sleep and use Dusk Balls (x4 capture rate) if you have any or Ultra Balls (x2 capture rate). After 30 turns, switch to Timer Balls which have x4 capture rate. It will take time and maybe a lot of resets, but you will finally capture the legendary Pokemon!

After capturing it, Cyrus will exclaim that Giratina was captured and he will state that even if he crafted new Red Chains they wouldn't work because Giratina still lives. He then wonders why people like you and Cynthia still fight for such useless things like spirit and continue to live in an incomplete world. After lashing out at Cynthia, Cyrus leaves.

Jump into the portal and you will be transported back to Sendoff Spring which is near Veilstone City. Fly back to Sandgem Town and heal up and talk to Professor Rowen about what happened. He will then tell you to go to Sunyshore City and take on the Gym Leader.

(Note: You can take on Azelf, Uxie, and Mespirit and try to catch them now. See our Legendary Pokemon page for more details).

Fly to Pastoria or Veilstone and head east to Route 222 and defeat all the trainers here. Once you have, head for Sunyshore and you will meet up with Flint, one of the Elite Four, who will ask you to take on Volkner. Now go and heal up. Head to the Lighthouse to talk to the Gym Leader (the blond haired person) to make him go to back to the Gym. Follow after him and take him on!

Sunyshore Gym is an all Electric Gym. To navigate it, you need to beat the trainers in your way and step on the switches on the gears in a specific way to turn them and proceed forward. Once you have, you can take on Volkner.

Gym Leader Volkner:

- Jolteon Lv 46

   • Charge Beam

   • Thunder Wave

   • Iron Tail

   • Quick Attack

- Raichu Lv 46

   • Focus Blast

   • Signal Beam

   • Charge Beam

   • Quick Attack

- Luxray Lv 48

   • Crunch

   • Ice Fang

   • Thunder Fang

   • Fire Fang

- Electivire Lv 50

   • Fire Punch

   • Thunderpunch

   • Quick Attack

   • Giga Impact

After defeating Volkner and getting his battle spirits up, you will get the Beacon Badge and TM57 - Charge Beam. Now let's get to the Pokemon League!

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