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Part 3: Hearthome Gym

Now after beating Gardenia, heal your Pokemon and use cut in front of Team Galactic's HQ. To the northeast of the building is TM46- Thief. Now enter the building and defeat the Commander Jupiter and grab the Upgrade next to her.

Commander Jupiter:

- Zubat

- Skuntank

After defeating her, head to the Cycle Shop and Cynthia will give you a Pokemon Egg which will hatch into Togepi. Now head into the Cycle Shop to get your bike, which you will need to proceed in the game.

Head to the south gate and talk to Professor Rowan's assistant and show him how many Pokemon you have met. He will give you the EXP. share. This allows you to get double EXP or have a Pokemon gain EXP without being in battle. 

Head south to Route 206 and defeat all the trainers on the Bicycle Path. If you head into the grass under the path you can find more trainers. Head to the north end of Route 206 and head under the Bicycle Path to find Wayward Cave and find some goodies as well as Gible, which can be a nice addition to your team.

Head south to Route 207 and beat the trainers here and head east. Before you enter the cave, Lucas will stop you and will give you the VS Seeker and the Dowsing Machine for your Poketch. Once you head into the inside of Mt. Coronet, you will find Cyrus again. He will talk about how he hates how the world has become, full of strife and warfare. He then walks out.

Head out of the cave and proceed to the east to Route 208. While you are here, capture a Ralts, which will be really handy in the game. Proceed east to Hearthome City.

When you arrive, you will run to the Contest Judge, Keira, who will tell you to come to the Contest Hall. When you do you will find your mother there. Talk to the woman in purple and you will find Gym Leader Fantina, who has become the third Gym Leader instead of the fifth like she was in Diamond and Pearl. We'll fight her in a minute after doing a couple more things.

Head for the Pokemon Fan Club in the center of town and talk to the chairman to get the Poffin Case. Head for the northernwest section of town to go to Amity Park. Take a walk with your Starter Pokemon to find TM43 Secret Power. Now head to the northeast part of this section of Amity Park to find TM45 Attract near a weird stone building. Head back to Hearthome and head for the northeast section of Amity Park and continue walking with your Pokemon. Head into the first stone building you see to be warped. Next to a bench is an Amulet Coin which doubles the amount of money you win in a battle. Now head back into the building and walk left, right, right, when you enter. You should warp to a platform where you find a Spooky Plate, which powers up Ghost moves and also turns the Mythical Pokemon, Arceus, into a Ghost-type! You can continue to search around the park for more items if you want now.

Now head to the Pokemon Gym after you healed up. The Gym specializes in Ghost-type Pokemon. To get through the Gym, you need to find a blue tile with a mark on it and find the matching red tile at the northern end of the room. I suggest battling the trainers inside to gain some EXP before fighting Fantina. Once you navigate the gym, you will find the Gym Leader, Fantina, waiting to battle.


- Duskull

   • Pursuit

- Haunter

   • Hypnosis

   • Confuse Ray

   • Shadow Ball

- Mismagius

   • Confuse Ray

   • Shadow Ball

   • Magical Leaf

   • Psybeam

Upon defeat, she will give you the Relic Badge and TM65 - Shadow Claw. You can also use Defog outside battle.

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