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Part 6: Canalave Gym

After defeating Crasher Wake at Pastoria Gym, Barry will come and Wake will exit the gym. Despite Barry calling him master, Wake says Barry and you don't need a master since you can be strong on your own. He also notes that he knows Barry's father.

Barry will mention he said he saw a Team Galactic goon who was going to use a bomb, so heal up and head to the Observatory on the north end of town to confront him. Once you talk to Wake, a bomb will go off in the Great Marsh.

Head east after the Team Galactic grunt and talk to him. After you chase him down to the beach, Looker will appear and chase after the man. Follow him and head to Lake Valor and defeat the Team Galactic grunt.

After taking out the Team Galactic grunt, Cynthia will appear and give you the SecretPotion. Now Fly back to Pastoria City. Why? Because we're going go take Route 212 to Heartholm City so we can get experience! Not only that, feel free to stop at the Pokemon Mansion on this Route to get some rare Pokemon. You can find a Dawn Stone in the swamp directly north of where you enter Route 212 from Pastoria.

Along Route 212 there is a Move Tutor who will teach you moves if you give him a certain amount of shards per move. You can find shards in the Underground. The moves are as followed:

• Dive (2 Red, 4 Blue, 2 Yellow)

• Fury Cutter (8 Blue)

• Icy Wind (6 Blue, 2 Green)

• ThunderPunch (2 Red, 6 Blue)

• Fire Punch (2 Red, 6 Blue)

• Ice Punch (2 Red, 6 Blue)

• Ominous Wind (6 Blue, 2 Green)

• Air Cutter (2 Red, 4 Blue, 2 Green)

• Zen Headbutt (4 Blue, 4 Yellow)

• Vacuum Wave (2 Red, 4 Blue, 2 Green)

• Trick (4 Blue, 4 Yellow)

• Knock Off (4 Red, 4 Blue)

• Sucker Punch (6 Blue, 2 Yellow)

Once you have explored the Pokemon Mansion, fly to Solaceon Town and take Route 210 to Celestic Town. Use Defog when the screen is full of fog to clear the road. Once you head to Celestic Town, defeat the Galactic Grunt in front of the cave. Inside you will find a cave painting of the Lake Trio Pokemon, but more on them later.

After getting info on the cave painting, Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic will appear and ask for more info on the painting. He says he will change the world to his ideals, with no more strife and no more pain, but Cynthia's grandmother will not give him the info he needs. Now challenge him.

Galactic Boss Cyrus:

- Sneasel

- Golbat

- Murkrow

After defeating Cyrus, he will state that there will be nothing to stop him if time and space are brought together. After he leaves, Cynthia's grandmother will give you HM03 - Surf. Teach it to a compatible Pokemon and fly to Jubilife City and head west to Canalave City. You will encounter Professor Rowan's aide who will upgrade your Pokedex to display both male and female types of Pokemon.

Heal up at the Pokemon Center and head for the Pokemon Gym. You will run into Barry who will promptly challenge you to a Barry.

Barry (if you chose Turtwig as your starter):

- Staraptor Lv 36

- Heracross Lv 37

- Roserade Lv 35

- Floatzel Lv 35

- Infernape Lv 38

After beating him, head to Iron Island. Head to the top and talk to Riley in order to get HM04 - Strength. Head through the island and navigate its insides. Defeat the two Galactic Grunts here and Riley will give you a Pokemon Egg that contains Rilou, the only way in the game you can get this Pokemon. If you have more than 5 Pokemon, Riley will wait here to give you the egg, so be sure to grab it ASAP.

Now head for Canalave Gym. The gym here uses Steel Types. Not only that, you need to navigate the gym and take platforms higher and higher to reach the Gym Leader. Memorize the path and be ready to take Gym Leader Roark's father, Byron.

Gym Leader Byron:

- Magneton Lv 37

   • Metal Sound

   • Flash Cannon

   • Thunderbolt

   • Tri Attack

- Steelix Lv 38

   • Ice Fang

   • Earthquake

   • Sandstorm

   • Flash Cannon

- Bastiodon Lv 41

   • Iron Defense

   • Metal Burst

   • Stone Edge

   • Taunt

After you beat Byron, you get the Mine Badge as well as TM91 - Flash Cannon!

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