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Chapter 6: Ballonlea Gym

Ancient Mural

Exit Stow-on-Side Stadium and Sonia will be waiting for you. While talking, you'll here an explosion and Sonia will rush away to some ruins. Start heading up the stairs and pick up the hidden Max Revive on the first platform. Continue up the stairs and you'll find Bede at the top.

He's trying to harvest Wishing Stars from the ruins, and the only way to stop him is a battle. He'll have a Lv. 32 Duosion, a Lv. 32 Gothorita, a Lv. 35 Hattrem, and a Lv. 33 Galarian Ponyta. Remember that all his Pokemon are Psychic so you should use Dark or Bug-types against them.

After winning, the Rose and Oleana will join you. They will disqualify Bede for his actions. The mural will then crumble, revealing a statue of the games' title legendaries. After discussing some lore with you, Sonia will give you 2 Revives. Head back down the stairs into town afterward.

There's a couple goodies to pick up in town before we move on. Head down the stairs in front of Stow-on-Side Stadium and take the ladder on the right. Pick up the Cracked Pot up here. Enter the first door on the left here and speak to the man inside to get TM06 - Fly. Head south a bit and grab the hidden 2 X Sp. Atks in the corner to the left. Just south of town, take the series of ladders to get the hidden 3 Rare Bones and the Rocky Helmet from the item ball.

Glimwood Tangle

Take the northeast exit out of town to arrive in Glimwood Tangle. You can touch the mushrooms here to light up the surrounding area, but Pokemon may be hiding and will pop out. Head left from the start and battle Cook Derek. Wrap around to the upper ledge and grab the bag of Bright Powder. Backtrack to the beginning of the area and head right this time, picking up the hidden 2 Full Heals. Wrap around the tall grass further right and pick up the Big Root.

Continue forward from here to do a double battle with Daring Couple Robert and Jacqueline. Head left from them to find TM24 - Snore. Go northwest from the TM and grab the 2 Hyper Potions nearby. Battle Madame Judy here and then head left past her to two ledges. Grab the Luminous Moss on the lower ledge and the TM56 - U-turn from the upper ledge. Hop down from the ledge and head north to exit the tangle.


Welcome to the town of Ballonlea. Heal up at the Pokemon Center straight ahead when you get into town. Head into town and grab the hidden 2 Big Mushrooms by the yellow mushroom. Enter the second house and speak to the old woman to get TM42 - Revenge. You can also battle Pokemon Breeder Elena in this house to get a Eviolite. Head right past the bridge to find TM21 - Rest and a hidden Balm Mushroom.

Ballonlea Gym

Head forward and enter Ballonlea Stadium. You'll run into Marnie, who will give you Marnie's League Card. Speak to the Ball Guy here to get a Love Ball. Speak to the woman guarding the gate to change into uniform and take on the Ballonlea Gym Challenge.

This is a Fairy-type gym, so a good Poison or Steel-type will serve you well. In this challenge, you must correctly answer questions from Opal during battles with Gym Trainers. If you correctly answer the questions, your stats will be boosted. If you're wrong, they will be nerfed.

The first trainer is Gym Trainer Annette. Your question will be "Do you know about Fairy Type's weaknesses?". Both "Poison type" and "Steel type" are correct. Next up is Gym Trainer Teresa. Your question will be "What was the previous Trainer's Name?". The correct answer is "Annette". The third and final trainer is Gym Trainer Theodora. Your question will be "What do I eat for breakfast every morning?". The correct answer is "Omelets".

Leader Opal

Head out into the stadium to take on Gym Leader Opal. She of course uses Fairy-type Pokemon. She has a Lv. 36 Galarian Weezing, a Lv. 36 Mawile, a Lv. 37 Togekiss, and a Lv. 38 Alcremie that she will Dynamax. She will also ask you more questions while battling herself.

The first question is "Do you know my nickname?" the answer is "The wizard". The next is "What is my favorite color?". The answer is "Purple". The final is "How old am I?". To boost your stats, answer incorrectly and say "16 years old". After winning, Opal will give you the Fairy Badge. She'll also be the one to give you TM87 - Draining Kiss and the Fairy Uniform.

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