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Chapter 5: Stow-on-Side Gym

Wild Area

Back outside, Hop will lead you back to the Wild Area but the three gym leaders that we just beat will stop by to see us off first. Once back in the Wild Area, Bede will also pay you a visit. This time, he's there to battle Hop and will leave you be. Now that we're a little stronger, there's more to do in the Wild Area. Catching some of the Pokemon should prove more feasible.

You can once again spend as much or as little time in here as you'd like. For the sake of the walkthrough, we'll be heading straight to Hammerlocke. To do so, cross the bridge just east of Motostoke. There are many ways to cut across the Wild Area to get there, so just choose whatever you fancy. When you get to the entrance, a guard will check that you have the first gym badges. Bede will come by boasting that he beat Hop, and you'll be able to enter.


Another large city, Hammerlocke is ye olde castle town. Heal up, then head forward to meet up with Rose and Bede. Rose will suggest you come to the stadium right away, so follow him. After he tells you about the stadium's energy plan, go speak to the Ball Guy to get a Level Ball. Exit the stadium afterward.

Start heading west and you'll run into Champion Leon. Keep heading west across the drawbridge to make it to the Vault. Pick up the hidden 2 X Attacks in front of the Pokemon Center along the way. In front of the vault, you'll find Leader Raihan. He'll take you into the vault and give you Raihan's League Card. Head up the stairs and tucked away to the right is TM29 - Charm.

At the top of the vault Sonia will be waiting for you. She'll fill you in on some more lore related to the tapestries and give you 2 Revives. Before heading out of town, head south and go down a curved staircase and speak with the man by the water. He can teach your starter a combo-move. Now take the drawbridge to the west out of town.

Route 6

On Route 6, you'll start on a large bridge that you should bike across. You'll quickly run into some Team Yell Grunts. You'll need to battle them. The male has a Lv. 29 Stunky and a Lv. 30 Linoone and the female has a Lv. 30 Liepard. After defeating them, a disheartened Hop will scurry off and Opal will greet you and give you Opal's League Card.

Continue on the route and battle Beauty Anita. Hop down off the ledge to get 3 Ultra Balls. Continue left for a double battle and head up the ladder. Fight Backpacker Diane if you'd like and head up another ladder. Pick up TM15 - Dig here and go back down the left ladder. Grab the Light Clay and jump down the ledge.

Climb up the ladder here and battle Model Nicola. Head down the ladder here and head right to battle Backpacker Ruth. Shake the berry tree here. Head right and down the ledge here to find TM30 - Steel Wing. You can also get a Rare Candy if you go down the short ladder to the rock here. Backtrack up two ladders. Head forward between the cliffs and battle Artist Duncan. Head up the stairs to the left.


Heal up at the Pokemon Center when you get to Stow-On-Side. Speak to the large man inside to get 2 Fossilized Drakes. Find Hop in front of the stairs in the center of town. He'll want to battle you again. He has a Lv. 29 Cramorant, a Lv. 30 Silicobra, a Lv. 33 starter evolution, and a Lv. 29 Toxel. After the battle, Opal will show up and give you Allister's League Card. Heal up, then head up the stairs to enter Stow-On-Side Stadium.

Stow-On-Side Gym

This is a Ghost-type gym, so a Dark-type Pokemon is your best bet. Keep in mind that Normal-type moves will have no effect here. Once inside the stadium, speak to the Ball Guy to get a Heavy Ball. Speak to the man at the gate to change into uniform and start the Gym Challenge. This is a rather unique challenge in which you are tasked with spinning a cup down a sloped obstacle course to dodge obstacles.

The first stretch is rather easy, just spin and get to the exit. Battle Gym Trainer Clive on the platform here. The next stretch feature large green hands that will shoot you in an upward direction. Use them to make your way to the right side. On the next platform, battle Gym Trainer Lynne. The last stretch is pretty straightforward as well. If you get stuck, just use the giant launcher on the left. Defeat Gym Trainer Roy on the last platform and walk up the stairs to approach the gym leader.

Leader Allister

Allister is definitely the spookiest gym leader in Pokemon history. He of course uses Ghost-type Pokemon, and somewhat resembles one as well. He has a Lv. 35 Yamask, a Lv. 35 Galarian Cursola, a Lv. 34 Mimikyu, and a Lv. 36 Gengar. He will Dynamax the Gengar. Watch out for Mimikyu, as it is Ghost/Fairy-Type so it doesn't have a weakness to Dark. It will also tank the first hit it gets no matter what, so keep that in mind.

For your success, you will receive a Ghost Badge from Allister. Pokemon up to Lv. 40 will now obey you. You'll also receive TM77 - Hex and the Ghost Uniform after the battle.

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