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Chapter 3: Hulbury Gym

Route 5

Exit Turffield Gym and head east to exit the city. You'll quickly be forced into a double battle with Interviewers Gillian and Cam. Head into the tall grass to find a Shed Shell in an item ball. Then go back and take the lower path when you get to the fork and pick up 3 Heal Balls. You can also shake the berry tree here and battle Cook Stuart. You can find 2 Big Mushrooms near the campsite and TM31 - Attract tucked away in the bottom-right corner of this area.

Head up the ramp to battle Pokemon Breeder Debra and Pokemon Breeder Adrian. Here you'll find the Pokemon Nursery. Often called the daycare in past games, this is where you can leave your pokemon to level up in exchange for money. This is also where you can leave two compatible pokemon to breed and create an egg. Utilize this if you wish, but head east when you're ready.

You'll run across two Team Yell Grunts harassing someone for their bike. It'll be up to you to put a stop to this via battle. The first has a Lv. 17 Galar Zigzagoon and a Lv. 18 Thievul. The second Grunt has a Lv. 18 Sableye. As a reward for fending off the bullies, the man will give you the Rotom Bike. You can now hop on your bike and speed across open areas.

Use your bike to cross this bridge, picking up the Muscle Feather along the way. You'll quickly run into Hop. It's time for another battle with him. This time around he has a Lv. 19 Wooloo, a Lv. 19 Corvisquire, and a Lv. 21 2nd evolution starter. He'll give you a Revive as a reward for beating him. Continue across the bridge to the right.

On the other side of the bridge, battle Pokemon Breeder Denise and collect the 3 X Sp. Atks. There's an Absorb Bulb in the tall grass and another battle in Office Worker Gabrielle further ahead. Enter the town of Hulbury to the east.


Once in town, you'll run into Chairman Rose and his assitant Oleana. Heal up if you need, and then head to the gym stadium. It looks like Leader Nessa is at the Lighthouse, so we'll have to go there first to take on the challenge. Head east to wards the lighthouse, picking up the hidden 2 Super Potions and 5 Net Balls down on the docks along the way. Speak to Nessa and she'll give you Nessa's League Card.

Hulbury Gym

We can now head inside the Hulbury Gym Stadium to face the next gym challenge. Speak to the Ball Guy to get a Lure Ball if you'd like. This is a Water-type gym, so come equipped with a solid Electric or Grass-type Pokemon. Get changed into your uniform and speak with gate guard to begin the gym mission.

The mission of Hulbury Gym is a maze. Start off by heading right and battling Gym Trainer Julia. The trainers in this gym will have Water-types in the low 20s levels. Flip the red switch and then the gold switch that opens up. Then flip the red again to continue on. Battle Gym Trainer Heather when you get to her. Press the gold switch behind her and then the red switch below. You can then head back left to make it to the next part of the maze.

Go all the way to the left and battle Gym Trainer Lynn and head down the stairs. and press the red switch and then the blue switch. Press the gold switch down here. Then go press the red switch and then the blue switch back up the stairs. You know have a path out of the gym challenge into the stadium via the stairs to the right.

Leader Nessa

Gym Leader Nessa of course has Water-type pokemon. More specifically, she has a Lv. 22 Goldeen, a Lv. 23 Arrokuda, and a Lv. 24 Drednaw that she will Dynamax. The Drednaw has Razor Shell that packs quite the punch, so watch out for that. A Grass-type move is 4x effective against it though, so use those if you can. As a reward for winning, you'll receive the Water Badge, TM36 - Whirlpool, and the Water Uniform.

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