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Chapter 9: Hammerlocke Gym


Head west into Route 9 Tunnel. There will be people blocking some parts of the tunnnel, but you can maneuver around them. On the other side, you'll run into Hop. Follow him across the bridge and then battle Gentleman Caden. After defeating him, head down the slopes to the south to find a pair of Safety Goggles and a berry tree. Continue left past Route 7 and back into Hammerlocke.

Heal up at the Pokemon Center when you get into town. Head west into the center of town, picking up the hidden Dire Hit along the castle wall. You'll soon run into Hop, Leon, and Sonia. Professor Magnolia will join in the fun as well. After some discussion, everyone will leave in seperate directions. Simply head straight forward into the castle that is Hammerlocke Stadium for the final gym challenge.

Hammerlocke Gym

This is a Dragon-type gym, so bring a Fairy or Ice-type along if you can. To begin the challenge, speak to the guard in the front of the gate. You'll change into uniform and the final gym challenge will begin. This challenge is simple: defeat three different Gym trainers in a double battle. These trainers will not necessarily use Dragon pokemon and each will inflict a different weather condition on the battlefield.

The first is Gym Trainer Sebastian who will have a Lv. 45 Pelipper and a Lv. 45 Sliggoo. The next is Gym Trainer Camilla, who will have a Lv. 45 Turtonator and a Lv. 45 Ninetales. The third and final is Gym Trainer Aria. She has a Lv. 45 Hakamo-o and a Lv. 45 Abomasnow. After defeating all three, the gym mission will be complete.

Leader Raihan

The gym leader is Leader Raihan, who of course uses Dragon-type Pokemon. A Fairy or Ice-type will serve you well. Your battle with Raihan will also be a double battle, so one of each is even better. He has a Lv. 46 Gigalith, a Lv. 47 Flygon, a Lv. 46 Sandaconda, and a Lv. 48 Duraludon that he will Dynamax. There will be a sandstorm for the entire battle, so keep in mind that you'll be taking a little damage from that every turn.

After you reign victorious, Raihan will give you the Dragon Badge. This will allow you to catch Pokemon of any level. He will also give you TM99 - Breaking Swipe and the Dragon Uniform. Congrats, you've now completed the Galar Gym Challenge! The Champion's Cup is our next destination.

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