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Chapter 4: Motostoke Gym


Exit Hulbury Gym and you'll be confronted by the always lovely Oleana. She'll give you Rose's League Card. Head to the Seafood Restaurant near the Pokemon Center. Here, you'll join Sonia and Rose for a fancy dinner. Sonia will give you TM79 - Retaliate. Back outside, Hop will mention that the next gym challenge is back in Motostoke, but we need to take an alternate route to find Leader Kabu along the way.

Heal up if needed, then head down the stairs from the restaurant. Grab the Magnet from an item ball in the corner of the market here. You can shop here if you'd like, otherwise just head east a bit down to the docks. Grab the Shell Bell here. Exit town to the east to enter Galar Mine No. 2.

Galar Mine No. 2

Inside the mine, you'll quickly run into Bede. It's time for another battle with him. He'll have a Lv. 21 Solosis, a Lv. 22 Galarian Ponyta, a Lv. 23 Hatenna, and a Lv. 22 Gothita. Once again, a Dark-type will serve you well for this battle. You'll get Bede's League Card after winning.

Continue east in the mine to battle Worker Francis. Pick up the 3 Dusk Balls near him. GO south to battle Worker Yvonne and get the nearby Grip Claw from an item ball. A little further on you'll come across a few Team Yell Grunts. Hop will join you for a double battle against them. You'll be up against a Lv. 21 Thievul, a Lv. 22 Linoone, a Lv. 22 Liepard, and a Lv. 21 Pancham. They shouldn't give you too much trouble.

Pick up the nearby hidden Star Piece. Take a left at the fork to grab the hidden bag of Soft Sand. Then head back right to battle Rail Staff Vincent and find TM49 - Sand Tomb. A little further on you'll find Kabu who likewise took care of some Team Yell Grunts. He'll let you know that he's looking forward to battling you tomorrow.

Motostoke Outskirts

Outside in Motostoke Outskirts, Hop will tell you about Poke Jobs. Grab the 3 Great Balls from the tall grass to the south. There's also the rather useful Amulet Coin hiding behind the sign. You can battle Madame Caroline and Police Officer Raymond if you'd like. Head west across the bridge, picking up many hidden feathers along the way.

Back in Motostoke, heal up and then head straight for the Budew Drop Inn. You'll find Marnie inside waiting to battle. She'll have a Lv. 26 Croagunk, a Lv. 24 Scraggy, and a Lv. 26 Morpeko. Afterward, you'll sleep for the night and Marnie will give you Kabu's League Card and 2 Burn Heals the next morning.

Motostoke Gym

Head to Motostoke Gym, preferably with a Water or Rock-type in hand for the greatest advantage. Hop will meet you outside and let you know he already completed the challenge. Head inside and speak to the man at the front desk to get changed and start the challenge. The premise of this challenge is to score points by catching or defeating wild Pokemon. However, other trainers will join you in your wild battles, so you need to compete against them for points.

You shouldn't have to battle/catch much differently to complete this challenge. Keep in mind the order that turns are taken, as you want avoid weakening a Pokemon too much and having another trainer finish them off. Additionally, the other trainer may attack you directly. Either way, catch the Pokemon if possible to get the most points but settle with KOing if you fear the other trainer who will do so first. It should go pretty quick.

Leader Kabu

It's now time to face the Fire-type Gym Leader Kabu. He has a Lv. 25 Ninetales, a Lv. 25 Arcanine, and a Lv. 27 Centiskorch that he will Dynamax. When he does so, it's wise to Dynamax your Pokemon as well. He's likely to burn you, so have your Burn Heals ready to take care of that. The battle should otherwise be straightforward. If you happened to pick up one of the few Water and Rock-type Pokemon available thus far, you should completely destroy him.

After winning, you'll be rewarded with the Fire Badge from Kabu. This will allow you catch/trade Pokemon up to Lv. 35. You'll also receive TM38 - Will-O-Wisp and the Fire Uniform for your achievement.

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