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Chapter 10: Cascarrafa Gym

West Province (Area One)

In this chapter we'll be heading to the city of Cascarrafa to take on the Water-type gym. If you're following this guide, it should be your fourth gym badge. Cascarrafa is on the western side of the map towards the middle. Go ahead and mark it as a destination on your map. You'll then want to fly to the nearest Pokemon Center you can, which should be the one in West Province (Area One) - North.

We've already been in this area to take on Team Star's Dark Crew, so it should be pretty familiar. That means you probably won't run into many new Pokemon that you haven't seen before either. That should make this journey a very quick one heading north on the dirt path. There are a few optional trainers along the way if you'd like, but besides that just head to the Pokemon Center as you enter Cascarrafa.

Cascarrafa Gym Test

Like the gym that resides here, Cascarrafa has an obvious water theme. There is a large elevator in the city that will take you up a waterfall to a higher level where you can find Cascarrafa Gym. When you approach it, a cutscene will play where the Gym Leader Kofu runs by but apparently forgot his wallet. It is of course up to use to find him and return it to him. This will serve as the Gym Test for this gym.

As it turns out, you'll need to go across the large Asado Desert and to an entirely different city, Porto Marinada, to deliver the wallet. Make sure to mark this port city as a destination on your map. The desert is directly to the west of the city, so take this western exit to reach it. The desert is a whole new area filled with new Pokemon and optional trainers. If you are training up a Grass-type Pokemon in preparation for the gym, this is a great place to do it.

You can spend as much or as little time in Asado Desert as you'd like. If you are in a hurry to finish the test, just run across it as a straight shot to the west. We will have to come back to this area later either way. If you want to explore a little more you can find things like TM056 - Bullet Seed in the sand. There's a little grassy part of West Province (Area Two) that you'll need to cut through and then you'll arrive in town.

Once in Porto Marinada, heal up if you need and then you'll want to head for the shopping plaza near the beach. Here you'll find Kofu and a little misunderstanding will lead to you needing to defeat his underling in a battle. He has a Lv. 28 Floatzel and a Lv. 28 Clauncher. After winning, the misunderstanding will be cleared up and he'll actually ask you to participate in an auction for him to get some seaweed. It's not clear if this auction can be lost, but if you skip the first bid and keep choosing the lowest option you should win and get to keep the leftover money. This will complete the Gym Test.

Cascarrafa Gym Leader Kofu

With the Gym Test finished, you can now fly back to Cascarrafa to battle the gym leader. Make sure to heal up and prepare your team, then head back to the gym. When you arrive, Hassel and someone named Rika will greet you. She is also a member of the Elite Four and will give a brief motivational speech before leaving. Go ahead and speak to the lady behind the desk at the gym to kick off the battle with the gym leader.

Your battle will begin with Gym Leader Kofu, who will of course specialize in Water-type Pokemon. That means you should bring along some Grass or Electric-types for the advantage. He has a Lv. 29 Veluza, a Lv. 29 Wugtrio, and a Lv. 30 Crabominable. Be wary of Veluza who knows Peck, which could be deadly against Grass-types. The Crabominable will Terastallize with a Water Tera Type. You should also Terastallize to counter it.

After winning the battle, you'll receive the Water Gym Badge as a reward. This means that Pokemon up to Lv. 40 will obey you. He'll also give you TM022 - Chilling Water. Afterward, Nemona will pay you a visit but won't challenge you to a battle just yet.

Check out the next chapter where we'll be taking out another one of Team Star's bases.

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