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Chapter 3: Stony Cliff Titan


Now that we have the first gym under our belt, it's a good time to look at the first objective in the Path of Legends storyline. We'll be searching for The Stony Cliff Titan, which can be found to the east of Mesagoza. You can set it as a destination on your map, then go ahead and fly to the eastern gate of Mesagoza. Then go ahead and exit the eastern gate of the city.

South Province (Area Three)

Speak to the man by the picnic table here to get some ingridients. This area is on some rocky cliffs and is home to quite a few new Pokemon. Make sure to nab them all along the way for your Pokedex. There are a number of trainers along this path as well. Make sure to fight as many as you can if you are interested in a prize at the end of the route. A little ways up the path you'll find a Pokemon Center that you can heal up at.

Once you pass this Pokemon Center, you'll get a call from Arven. He'll give you a heads up that the Titan Pokemon we are looking for is around this area. If you head to the left from the Pokemon Center into a little cranny you can find a copy of TM005 - Mud Slap. You'll also find TM017 - Confuse Ray on a small clif a little past this. Keep going until you reach the marked spot on your map.

Stony Cliff Titan

You will see a giant Klawf clinging to the side of the mountain. This is the Titan Pokemon we are looking for. It's a Rock-type so if you don't have a solid Grass or Water-type already, it might be smart to catch and train one of the Makuhita around here. You should have at least one Pokemon in the Lv. 20 range before heading into this. As you approach it, it will scurry up higher on the cliff. You'll want to follow it by using the nearby path. When you approach it again, you will engage in a battle.

Go ahead and battle the Titan Klawf like you would any other Pokemon. It doesn't have a level you can see, but rather an extra large HP bar. However, it does have a hidden level of 16. When you lower its HP enough, it will drop down off the cliff. Follow it down here (you can just jump off after it) and another cutscene will play where Arven shows up. You'll need to battle it once more.

This time around Klawf is a little more powerful, but you'll also have Arven's help. This would also be a great time to Terastallize if you have it available. If you Terastallize and use a Grass, Water, or Fighting-type move, you should be able to do some heavy damage. Be careful because Klawf's ability increases his Attack once he gets low on health.

After you defeat the Titan, you'll venture into a cave with Arven. Inside you'll find the Sweet Herba Mystica. This seemingly is what gives the Titan Pokemon their power. Arven will also give you the Titan Badge that he made. He'll also make you a sandwich, but you should gives some to Koraidon/Miraidon. When you do, they will gain the ability to dash around quickly. A small cutscene will play with Arven and you'll get a call from Professor Sada explaining this new dash ability.

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