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Chapter 2: Cortondo Gym


This first objevtive we'll go after in this walkthrough is the Cortondo Gym badge. Open up your map and set this gym as your destination. It's a Bug-type gym, so keep that in mind as we are travelling in that direction. You may want to prioritize training some Fire, Flying, or Rock-type Pokemon. The gym is located west of Mesagoza City, so head in that direction and try to leave via the west gate. As you do, Nemona will call you to guide you in the direction of starting out with this gym. Before exiting the gate, walk along the narrow paths on each side and you'll find some goodies including TM103 - Substitute. Exit the gate when you are ready.

South Province (Area Two)

You'll exit out onto South Province (Area Two). If you speak to the woman next to the picnic table here she'll give you several Ingredients. She'll also introduce you to the concept of picnics. You can now set up a picnic in a flat open area to play with your pokemon and get some temporary battling and catching buffs depending on the type of ingredients you use. This also provide experience for your Pokemon. Feel free to do this whenever you see fit.

There is a dirt path that leads you all the way to Cortondo. There are a few trainers along this path and several new Pokemon you can catch. All are optional of course. If you see little sparkles on the ground, those are berries that you can pick up. They are scattered all over this area. About halfway to Cortondo you'll find a Pokemon Center along the path that you can heal up at. If you take the slope down to the left of here you can find TM007 - Protect.

A little further up the path you'll find a tall tower you can climb. On the middle floor you can find TM072 - Electro Ball. You may notice there are glowing beams all across the land. These point out the locations of Terastallized wild Pokemon that you can battle and catch if you want. If you want to train your Pokemon by battling trainers along this path, you should try to battle at least five. If you do you can get TM027 - Aerial Ace from the Pokemon League rep at the end of the route near the Pokemon Center. Either way, heal up when you get here.

Cortondo Gym Test

There's not much else to do here, so head streat for the gym. Cortondo Gym will be on the left side of the path and is the only tall building in town. Once you arrive in the gym, you'll run into Nemona again. She'll give you 3 Super Potions. Once you're ready, speak to the man at the counter to begin the Gym Test. This is called the "Olive Roll". To start it, you'll need to head north of town to the Olive-Rolling Field, which is marked on your map.

Speak to the lady outside the gates of the field. You'll begin the test, which is to roll an olive shaped ball through a maze. If you defeat the trainers along the way, they will open up shortcuts for you. However, you shouldn't need to unless you want the experience, the task is very easy. Simply walk into the olive to bump it until you make your way to the very large basket. Once you do, you'll be able to return to the gym to face the leader.

Cortondo Gym Leader Katy

Remember that this is a Bug-type gym, so come prepared with Fire, Flying, or Rock-type Pokemon if you can. Just speak to the man at the counter once again to challenge Gym Leader Katy. Katy has a Lv. 14 Nymble, a Lv. 14 Tarountula, and a Lv. 15 Teddiursa. Teddiursa may seem like a strange choice for a Bug-type gym, but it will Terrastalize and has a Bug Tera type. This battle shouldn't pose too much of a challenge if you have a few Pokemon in the level range of the gym and have the type advantage.

After winning, you'll receive the Bug Badge and Pokemon up to Lv. 25 will obey you. You'll also get TM021 - Pounce. Nemona will give you a call afterward and suggest that she wants to battle you the next time you meet up.

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