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Chapter 14: Quaking Earth Titan

Asado Desert

Our next objective will be to head to Asado Desert to take on the Quaking Earth Titan. You can set it as a destination on your map. We already had to cut through this desert earlier on, but the titan is too strong for us to have taken it on at that time. The quickest way to get there is to fly back to Port Marinada. Once you get here, if you happen to have defeated four trainers in the area and haven't claimed it yet, you can get a Focus Sash from the Pokemon League Rep.

Quaking Earth Titan

Make sure you are healed up and then head southeast into the desert. Once you're here it won't take you long to see the titan from a distance when you face in its direction. Once you approach it, you'll immediately engage and get a call from Professor Sada explaining the situation. This titan Pokemon is actually different depending on the version of the game you are playing. While both resemble alternate forms of Donphan, neither technically are. In Scarlet you'll be facing off against the Ground/Fighting-type Great Tusk, and in Violet it will be the Ground/Steel-type Iron Treads.

Whichever one you happen to be facing, you'll of course need to defeat it in battle. It will be level 45 at the time of this encounter. Water, Grass, and Flying types are good options for Great Tusk while Fire, Water, and Fighting types are good against Iron Treads. Once you knock off most of its health, it will flee the battle.

The Quaking Earth Titan doesn't flee very far however, you should still see it up ahead near a cliff. Approach it again and this time Arven will pay a visit to join you in a double battle against it. The battle is mostly the same as before but you'll have a little extra help. There will be a sandstorm during the battle, so you'll take a little damage each turn. You should also Terastallize during this battle to give yourself a little edge.

After the battle, you'll join Arven inside the Titan lair. Inside you'll find some Sour Herba Mystica. He'll once again use this to make a sandwich and also give you the Ground Titan Badge. The two of you will then share your sandwiches with Koraidon/Miraidon and Mabosstiff respectively. Koraidon/Miraidon will then gain the ability to glide! Afterward, you'll get a call from Professor Sada explaining this new glide ability.

Catching the Titan

After defeating the Titan, you can return to the site of the original battle for a chance to catch the Quaking Earth Titan. It's standing in the desert and has a distinct look compared to all the nearby Donphan. It's a Lv. 45 Great Tusk/Iron Treads with max height and weight and a special Titan Mark. It also has 30 IVs for all of its stats. Make sure to save before engaging the battle and be very careful not to knock it out, as it will not respawn (unless you reset to a save).

In the next chapter we'll be shifting back to the Victory Road objective again and continue to conquer the gym leaders.

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