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Chapter 15: Alfornada Gym

West Province (Area One)

Our next objective is to take on the Psychic-type gym that is located in the city of Alfornada. This city is all the way in the southwest region of the map, not too far from where you started your adventure. Go ahead and mark it as a destination on your map. There are a couple ways you can get there but we're going to head to the Pokemon Center at West Province (Area One) - Central.

From this Pokemon Center, you'll want to head south on the dirt path towards the marker on your map. Because we've already been to this area before, there isn't very much new to see. There are a couple of trainers along the path but you will be very overleveled if you are facing them for the first time. If you head up the plateau on the left side of the path you'll find TM030 - Snarl. At the end of the dirt path you'll enter a cave that takes you to the next area.

Alfornada Cavern

You'll enter Alfornada Cavern and the scenery will change right away. The Pokemon in here are much tougher than those in the adjacent area and probably more inline with your current team. This cavern contains a series of rock walls that you'll need to use Koraidon/Miraidon's taller jump ability to scale. This is a pretty vast cavern with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Some of the goodies you can find include Rare Candies, TM007 - Protect, TM158 - Focus Blast, and Overheat.

To get out of the cavern, you'll need to scale the rock formation in the center of the cave. There's a couple ways to get up and any are suitable. There are plenty of fairly tough trainers along this path you can battle if you'd like. Once you get outside the cave there will be one more trainer to battle before you get to the Pokemon Center. Once your there, you can speak to the Pokemon League Rep if you've defeated nine trainers and get TM165 - Flare Blitz.

Rival Battle

You've now reached the city of Alfornada. If you look around a little bit you can find TM092 - Imprison and TM098 - Skill Swap. Once you've healed up, you can head straight for the gym. It's at the end of the main street here. Once inside, you'll be greeted by your old rival Nemona. She'll get straight to the point and challenge you to another battle. This time around she'll have a Lv. 42 Lycanroc, a Lv. 42 Sliggoo, a Lv. 42 Pawmot, and a Lv. 43 Meowscarada/Quaquaval/Skeledirge. She will Terastallize her starter evolution, so you should do the same with yours to stay ahead of the game. After winning, she'll give you 3 Max Potions.

Alfornada Gym Test

Your Pokemon will be healed up for you, so you can go ahead and start the Gym Test whenever you're ready by talking to the clerk behind the desk here. The first thing you'll need to do is speak to the woman in black outside the gym in the practice area. She is an exercise instructor named Dendra. The objective of this Gym Test is to complete some "Emotional Spectrum Practice".

To start in this challenge, you'll go through a dance routine of sorts that is really just a series of quick time events. Just press whichever button corresponds to the emotion on the screen. Afterward, you'll need to battle Gym Trainer Emily who has a Lv. 43 Gothorita and a Lv. 43 Kirlia. Afterward, you'll need to complete some more emotional training, this time with the quick time events going a little bit faster (but still very slow). You'll then need to battle Gym Trainer Rafael. He uses a Lv. 43 Grumpig, a Lv. 43 Medicham, and a Lv. 43 Indeedee. This will be the end of your Gym Test, so make sure to heal up and then head back to the gym.

Alfornada Gym Leader Tulip

Speak to the clerk at the gym once again to begin your battle with Gym Leader Tulip. She specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon, meaning Bug, Ghost, and Dark-types will work well against her. She uses a Lv. 44 Farigiraf, a Lv. 44 Gardevoir, a Lv. 44 Espartha, and a Lv. 45 Florges. Her Florges will Terastallize and has a Psychic Tera Type. Make sure to do the same to keep up with her. The main tricky things to look out for are Farigiraf's ability that prevents you from using any priority moves and Gardevoirs Fairy typing that makes Dark and Bug type moves normally effective.

After you defeat her in battle, you'll be awarded with the Psychic Gym Badge. This means that Pokemon up to Lv. 55 will obey you. She'll also give you TM120 - Psychic. Afterward Rika and Poppy, another member of the Elite Four, will greet you in the gym. They'll encourage you to keep on going and look forward to meeting you in the Pokemon League.

In the next chapter we'll be taking on the final gym of the game on Glaseado Mountain.

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