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Chapter 18: Fighting Crew Base

Glaseado Mountain

In this chapter we're going to be storming the final Team Star base in the game. It's the Fighting Crew Base and it's located in the northeast corner of the map. Go ahead and set it as a destination. This one if fairly confusing to get to, as it's hard to see a clear path to it on the map. The closest place that you probably have unlocked is the Glaseado Gym Pokemon Center, so go ahead and fly there.

From here you'll want to head northeast to the eastern side of Glaseado Mountain. It's the stretch of mountain that is no longer covered in snow. You'll want to head for about the midway point of this section, about in line with the Pokemon Center further to the east. There are a few trainers along this path, but you're probably considerably stronger than them at this point. You can follow this winding slope all the way down if you like, or you can just glide straight to your destination. Along the slope you can find TM064 - Bulk Up and TM108 - Crunch. You'll eventually see a watchtower in the distance. Go ahead and climb up it and you can find TM163 - Hyper Beam on top.

North Province (Area One)

From the watchtower, you'll want to glide all the way down the mountain to the Pokemon Center below. If you stop by the ledges on the way down you can pick up copies of TM076 - Rock Blast and TM043 - Fling. You can head north to the grassy areas to battle some trainers and discover some new Pokemon if you'd like. There are plenty of goodies to pick up in these areas as well, including TM071 - Seed Bomb and TM088 - Swords Dance. When you are done collecting items, head back south to the Pokemon Center.

From here you can head south through this valley area. A little ways up the path you can find copies of TM125 - Flamethrower and TM131 - Pollen Puff in little outcroppings. There are some trainers that dot this path that serve as good training for the upcoming Team Star base. Head through the narrow path between the mountains here to enter North Province (Area Two).

North Province (Area Two)

This is a new area, meaning it's chock full of new trainers and Pokemon. There are a lot of Fighting-type Pokemon wandering around the bamboo here, so that gives you a good opportunity to train up a Psychic or Flying type in preparation of the base. If you stick to the left side you can find a copy of TM139 - Misty Terrain. Near the large slope you can also pick up TM141 - Fire Blast and TM029 - Hex. You should then make your way to the nearby Pokemon Center and get healed up.

Team Star Fighting Crew Base

If you walk further ahead past the Pokemon Center you'll get a call from Cassiopeia and Clive will show up. When you approach this Team Star Base, you'll actually find the boss herself. However, a grunt will come take over the duties and you'll have to beat them in a battle. They have a Lv. 54 Croagunk and a Lv. 55 Primeape. After winning, you'll get another call from Cassiopeia about how to approach the Caph Squad. Go ahead and get healed up and approach the gate to storm the Fighting Crew Base.

Like all previous Team Star bases, you can only bring in the first three Pokemon in your party. You'll need to defeat 30 of the Team Star Fighting-type Pokemon in less than 10 minutes. This should be very easy if you have the type advantage, just run around and throw out one Pokemon at a group of their Pokemon in auto-battles. This base is a little more narrow and linear than previous bases, so the Pokemon won't be grouped up quite as much. You should still have more than eough time to get the job done though.

After clearing the first challenge, the Fighting Crew Boss Eri will challenge you to a battle. She specializes in Fighting-type Pokemon of course, so Flying and Psychic types are your best bets to counter her. She uses a Lv. 55 Toxicroak, a Lv. 55 Lucario, a Lv. 56 Annihilape, a Lv. 55 Passimian, and a Lv. 56 Revavroom also known as the Caph Starmobile. Be careful as some of her Pokemon know Dark and Ghost moves that can weaken a Psychic-type right away. The Revavroom will be Fighting-type and it's a good idea to save your Terastallization for it as it has beefed up stats.

After winning the battle, you'll once again see a flashback to the origin of Team Star and a meeting amonst its leaders. You'll then be reluctantly given the Fighting Star Badge. She'll also give you a copy of her trademark move, TM167 - Close Combat. After another cutscene with Clive, you'll leave the base and get a call from Cassiopeia. She'll send you 20,000 LP. Strangely, Clive will be the one to give you some Pokemon Materials instead of Penny.

It's at this time that Cassiopeia reveals a rather large and somewhat predictable twist: she herself is the big boss of Team Star! It turns out she founded Team Star but when things got out of hand she wanted to use us to disband the group. She invites you to a final battle with her back at the Academy schoolyard after dark.

Before we battle Cassiopeia to close out the Starfall Street storyline, we're going to take out the final Titan Pokemon from the Path of Legends storyline in the next chapter.

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