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Chapter 22: Victory Road

Pokemon League

With the other two storylines complete and all eight gym badges, it's time for us to take on the Elite Four and Pokemon League! Members of the Pokemon League have Pokemon in the high 50s and low 60s, so make sure you are on that level before going in. It's also not a bad idea to stock up on Revives and Full Restores, since you won't be able to heal between battles otherwise. To get to the Pokemon League, you'll need to find the tunnel to the west of the academy in Mesagoza.

The path to the Pokemon League looks like the entrance to a cave. Really it's just a tunnel that takes you to a small path leading to the Pokemon League building. There are some Pokemon and a couple trainers here (one very weak, one quite strong), but there is no long and treacherous path like the Victory Roads in previous games. There's another Pokemon Center here as well that you can use to heal up and stock up before taking on the gauntlet of battles. Before heading in, you can go around the back of the building to the grassy area and find TM132 - Baton Pass.

When you arrive at the doors, Geeta will be there to greet you and wish you good luck. The man at the door will then ensure that you have all 8 gym badges and then let you in. Once inside, Rika will begin an interview with you. He will ask you a series of questions that should be pretty easy to answer and will differ depending on the version of the game you're playing and some decisions you made. Many of them don't have a wrong answer but if you do answer one wrong and fail, you can just do another interview. When you finish this series of questions, the first part of the Champion's Assesment will be complete. The next part is the Elite Test, which might be a tad bit more involved.

Elite Four Rika

The first member of the Elite Four is Rika, the person who just interviewed you. She specializes in Ground-type Pokemon, so prepare your party order to accomodate that before going through the first door. Grass, Water, and Ice types will be your best bet. Rika will use a Lv. 57 Whiscash, a Lv. 57 Donphan, a Lv. 57 Camperupt, a Lv. 57 Dugtrio, and a Lv. 58 Clodsire. She will Terastallize her Clodsire to a pure Ground Tera Type. This can actually be helpful since Grass-type moves will be super effective still. You won't be able to use Water-type moves against Clodsire, since its ability will just absorb them and regain health instead.

Elite Four Poppy

The next member of the elite four will enter your room, so no need to move into the next room like previous games. Make sure to heal up and rearrange your team before approaching the next member, Poppy. Poppy specializes in Steel-type Pokemon. This means you should use Fire, Fighting, or Ground types against her. She has a Lv. 58 Copperajah, a Lv. 58 Bronzong, a Lv. 58 Corviknight, a Lv. 58 Magnezone, and a Lv. 59 Tinkaton. She will Terastallize her Tinkaton so that it has a Steel Tera Type. Fire-type moves are the way to go against her team, since none of the secondary typing protects against them. If you have a Skeledirge with Torch Song, you can probably do a clean sweep of OHKOs against her whole team.

Elite Four Larry

Another Elite Four member will enter the room, this time it's Larry. You'll probably recognize him as the gym leader of Medali gym. This time he will use Flying-type instead of Normal-type Pokemon. This means that Electric, Ice, and Rock types are good choices against him. He uses a Lv. 59 Tropius, a Lv. 59 Staraptor, a Lv. 59 Altaria, a Lv. 59 Oricorio, and a Lv. 60 Flamigo. He will Terastallize his Flamigo so that it is pure Flying-type. Because of the secondary typing of some of his Pokemon, Ice-type moves are by far the best choice.

Elite Four Hassel

The final member of the Elite Four, Hassel, will now enter the room. Do any healing and team arranging that you need to before approaching him. He specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon, so Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type move will be super effective. He uses a Lv. 60 Noivern, a Lv. 60 Dragalge, a Lv. 60 Flapple, a Lv. 60 Haxorus, and a Lv. 61 Baxcalibur. He will Terastallize his Baxcalibur so that it is a pure Dragon-type Pokemon. Ice-types will once again do a lot of heavy lifting here. Once you have defeated him, you'll officially have passed the Elite Test portion.

Top Champion Geeta

After defeating the Elite Four, you'll have your Pokemon healed for you. Go ahead and go through the to start your Champion Assesment, which is of course a battle with Pokemon League Champion Geeta. She has a well balanced team and doesn't specialize in any particular type. She uses a Lv. 61 Espathra, a Lv. 61 Avalugg, a Lv. 61 Kingambit, a Lv. 61 Veluza, a Lv 61 Gogoat, and a Lv. 62 Glimmora. She will Terastallize her Gimmora to be a Rock Tera Type. While there is no way to get a simple type advantage against all of her Pokemon, Fire-types are super effective against half of her team. Skeledirge in particular has even more advantages depending on his moveset.

Nemona Battle

Once you have defaeted Geeta and been crowned the Pokemon League champion, you'll meet back up with your fellow champion Nemona. She'll want to battle you once again, this time at full strength. She'll agree to meet you in Mesagoza when you are ready. Fly over to a Pokemon Center in Mesagoza and heal up. When you are ready for the battle, go find Nemona in the central Mesagoza plaza. Folks from all around Paldea will gather around to watch your epic battle.

There is a bit of a jump in the level of Pokemon between Nemona and the rest of the Pokemon League. Your team should be in the mid-60s before you take her on. She uses a Lv. 65 Lycanroc, a Lv. 65 Pawmot, a Lv. 65 Orthworm, a Lv. 65 Goodra, a Lv. 65 Dudunsparce, and a Lv. 66 Meowscarda/Skeledirge/Quaquaval. She will Terastallize her final starter evolution, so get yours out and do the same for the type advantage! She'll probably use Stealth Rock first thing, so all of your Pokemon will take some damage whenever they switch in. Otherwise there is not much special to note, it's just a standard but tough battle against a balanced team. After you win the battle, Nemona will congratulate you on your great effort. After joking about a second battle, you'll instead find yourself back in your dorm room.

Back in your room, you'll get a call from Arven reminding you about your final mission to Area Zero. Unlike most previous Pokemon games, you'll notice the credits didn't roll after you becamse the Pokemon Champion. That's because you've got this final storyline in Area Zero to take care of first, called "The Way Home". We'll tackle that final chapter of the main story in the next part of the walkthrough.

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